Messages from Spirit

The other day I saw four great blue herons, my special spirit animal, in flight. This was greatly encouraging to me — it has always meant “everything will be okay”, or “Spirit is with you.”

Indeed, I had a difficult meeting about the work issue yesterday, which went very well. I have to be courageous in the coming days, to file my informal complaint and return to work until I find another job.

Through all this turmoil I have been quite content. I am learning not to hold onto troubles. Instead I’m focusing on Spirit.

Yesterday I asked for messages for me, and was told that love is the supreme instrument of all forces. I still need to unpack that statement and get to the meat of it. Spirit said that compassion is simply right relationship. That rings true for me. When we are truly in right relationship with all things, compassion flows easily. When I know how I am affecting the Everything with my every breath, I breathe compassion.

Spirit said many things about love:

Love, always love

the complication of it

required the forces

of the universe.

By that I see that all begins and ends with love, compassion, and right relationship. And that to construct the attributes of these things, the universe was made.

Spirit said,

Birds will fly out of the wilds

beautiful as galaxies

and swoop upon your souls.

I’m not yet sure what that means, but it reminds me of my great blue herons.

And finally, Spirit said,

People are diamonds,

souls precious beyond measure

so uplift your soul

from the ground

by the twin-twined tree

and lay it open,

lay it shut,

and write poems to your DNA.

To me, that’s a poem about writing a poem to DNA, the “twin-twined tree” that opens and shuts to reproduce itself. I think it’s a message to look into the metaphysical ideas behind DNA, such as DNA activation and the effects of consciousness on DNA.

Lots to go on, and I’m feeling strong.

Interestingly enough, my previous post about my troubles at work was my 100th post! So it should be a celebration instead of a complaint.


Looking For Work

I suppose I shouldn’t talk about my office job in a public forum, so I’ll be brief and vague: there was a vastly inappropriate incident yesterday, the content of which being unsurprising and half-expected. So I will be looking for a new job. In the meantime, I desperately do not want to return to my current job, but I have to be strong and do what I need to support myself.

The universe certainly works in strange ways. I am trying to be as optimistic as possible.

Spirit Readings and Healing

I thought I’d take a moment to remind people that I do free spiritual readings and healing. I have a contact form on my blog, here:

I have trouble “promoting” myself, but why should I? It’s a free service that I provide because I have been blessed with the time, energy and inclination to do it. Over the past year I’ve done a lot of readings, and maybe helped some people. I’m calling out now because I want people to know that I’m here, and if they need guidance I might be able to give it.

What do I do, exactly? I have called it shamanism, but shamanism is an umbrella term that I use quite loosely. Perhaps I am a lightworker, or a spiritworker. Some might call me a medium or even a psychic. I’d rather get away from labels altogether.

Basically, I talk to Spirit. I do general readings about life’s challenges and issues. I do spiritual guidance. I’ve done some past life work and that’s not easy for me, but I enjoy it. I’m available for ongoing counselling (with insights from Spirit) for abuse issues, grief, or depression. Also, I can help you find lost pieces of your soul and help you welcome them home.

Please be aware that I can’t tell you what is your perfect job or who is your perfect mate, because I can’t answer questions that you need to figure out for yourself. I can’t promise you’ll like the messages that Spirit has given me. But I can promise that I will give you my attention and I will listen to what Spirit wants to tell you. I can promise to try to help.

I get a lot of joy out of this work and I’ve been in touch with so many wonderful people. Feel free to get in touch with me.

Duality and Nonduality

I have given a lot of thought to duality and nonduality. I believe in both simultaneously, which tends to be my answer for everything.

Yet today I realized that between Self and Other, or Matter and Spirit, there is still something missing. I think duality is not a complete picture, but a triad gives depth just as it does in considering physical dimensions.

I believe that everything is comprised of Being, Relation, and Dynamism. I used to say just Being and Spirit, but “Spirit” can mean almost anything. I think now I see Spirit in Being, in Relation, and in Dynamism. So it is not really a war between Matter and Spirit, but it is a deep intertwining.

Spirit enlivens Being and gives meaning to Relation and force to Dynamism. Spirit is in it all.

Spirit is.

Honouring Pain Through a Pretty Sorrow

I strongly believe that what kept me going through most of my life, until I finally came to a place of healing, was my experience of beautiful sadness. I carried deep sorrow and was able to honour it and make peace with it by finding it both exquisitely painful and exquisitely beautiful.

In this way I grew friendly with my sadness. I knew nothing of beautiful joy, and that pure happiness simply did not exist for me. But I was strong in my beautiful sorrow. It was not “dwelling on my pain”, nor was it “moping”. No, it was a deeper and more complicated thing than that.

I hardly thought of myself at all. Instead, I would obsess over the beautiful sadness of endings, and the idea that all journeys would come to a conclusion. I found myself crying over seagulls, who always seemed to be flying home. I watched Autumn leaves falling to the Earth and felt this piercing, but gorgeous, pain in my soul.

I have to tell you, at my worst I was not eating at all and as I grew thinner I expected to completely dissolve into the Universe. This was some years ago now and at the time I decided I would experience my last summer. I threw myself into the experience of finality and leaving. I watched sunsets and listened to music that made me ache. This was the only thing making me feel alive and making the depression bearable.

And after a time I realized that another summer was coming around. It was a gift instead of a burden. Even though I had not experienced the ending I was looking forward to, I still had my pretty sorrow to uphold me, and in time I needed it less.

Eventually some remarkable things happened in my life and I was able to put the beautiful sadness behind me and feel beautiful joy instead. But I will never look at my pretty sorrow as being the wrong perspective. It was all I had, and it gave me meaning and a kind of contentment amidst great pain.

So I would suggest trying to see the pretty sorrow in things, if you find yourself in a long dark night of the soul. Music and art and nature are full of this beauty. If you can connect with it, then you are not alone, for you have found some edge of Spirit to cling to.

When the Universe Sends Trouble

Sometimes the universe doesn’t seem to reward our hard work. Sometimes the universe doesn’t seem to give us what we need. I think this is the most painful lesson of all — that we are expected to give ourselves what we need. 
And it seems so unfair. I think most people would say, “but I don’t have anything to give myself!” But this is the very untruth that the universe needs us to change in our hearts. If we really don’t have anything to give ourselves, we will never grow. It is like expecting to get strong without ever trying to lift anything. 
What we have to lift is not just daily life, but ourselves. And this is precisely the answer that most people don’t want to get. Why can’t Spirit lend a hand?
Oh, Spirit does. OUR Spirit. Our own Spirit is what will do the lifting once we’ve set the intention to do it. And really, our own Spirit is no different than the Spirit of all things. They are one.
I believe that Being cannot act. I believe that Matter is pure Being, and does nothing at all. It has attributes but these attributes are blank in pure Being because even relating things amongst Being cannot be done by pure Being alone. I believe Spirit is relation and action. I believe that Spirit is what acts. And now, I love to see the wind in the trees, or people walking or speaking, or water flowing, or anything — because these are purely Spirit things. Spirit enlivens Being. 
But even this beautiful thought doesn’t “stick” in me without my constant effort to remember it and see it. While I believe it is absolutely True, I need to keep seeing it and awakening the inspiration in my mind. It’s a constant effort. We cannot rest in this regard. Spirit cannot rest though the body needs it. 
So this is all the advice I have, really, when someone is up against a great loss or depression or difficulty. I imagine it is not easily swallowed or accepted. But all we can ever do is go back to Spirit. To approach Spirit with acceptance that we ourselves are also Spirit, so when we ask something of Spirit, we are asking ourselves too. I hope that this is not seen as a burden, for really it is our supreme power. 

Views of the Universe

Is there but one electron

in the Universe, coloured

by Spirit’s infinite hues, or

is there but one form

of Spirit, dancing

in the vast sea of Being?

Surely both bear

truth, surely both hold

meaning and meaninglessness.