New Felted Chipmunk

You can adopt him on my Etsy!

I’m always overjoyed when I notice a bit of improvement in my craft. I think this little guy has some charm 🙂

Yanantin of Fear and Warriorship

In believing in complementary duality in all things, I believe we are constructed of two extremes: the fear self and the warrior self. These two give birth to the instance of yourself right now, just as the Everything and the Nothing conspired to create this world of Something.

The key of all yanantin is balance, and in this case it is the balance between fearsome and fearless states. It is not that the fearless warrior is who you should strive to be! It is not that we need to remove and deny all fear. The dichotomy is not good vs. bad here. Everything has its place: fear can keep you alive, or at least keep you from doing senseless things. Complete fearlessness on the other hand can lead to a lack of real love, for what is love without a fear of losing it? (What is having anything without a fear of loss?) That is yanantin, the acceptances of opposites as necessary points on a spectrum between which we seek the wisdom of balance.


My Mesa (non-traditional)

My mesa (based on Andean travelling altars) is a sacred pouch containing various power objects. Most of them are stones, and I’ve come to meet the spirits of each and discover their gifts. Each stone can be used for diagnosing or outright healing. For instance, the egg-shape at the back/top is opalized glass (pretty sure it’s not real opal), and it helps draw the refined light energy of the universe down to me. Meanwhile the fossilized shell in the first/bottom row is like a fine-toothed energy comb for sifting through the human complications and “sorting myself out.” The white smooth stone with the little swirl is a tremendously powerful yet gentle stone for drawing heavy energy out of me. Meanwhile the bloodstone is good for healing physical ailments. All these correspondences are original to the particular spirit of the stone, and I spent time holding each in my hands to ascertain them.

When working with sacred objects, remember that they have spirits too, and it’s this spirit of the object that you really want to work with.