The Stories You Tell

The stories you tell yourself become your reality. For me, this is the strongest magic there is. What stories are you telling yourself today?

This isn’t about the law of attraction or the power of affirmations. I believe in the ultimate force of Story to write our realities. When I create and preform a magic spell, I am enacting a story I have created. By enacting this story I am bringing it closer to physical reality and also sticking the story strongly in my mind, which may well take it up as its reality.

My mind is full of little negative thoughts this morning that act like walls around me, keeping me from joy and productivity. I need to change the stories I’m telling myself. The first step is recognizing the stories I’m already writing within. What am I telling myself, without even realizing it? What am I holding onto from the past that shapes me now? What am I holding onto out of fear, to keep myself hidden even though it makes me feel unpleasant? If I wish to have more energy and be more productive, I have to believe that these things are written in my story as it unfolds in the present moment.

I choose to write a new story for this present moment. In this moment I choose to give energy out, assured that I will not be depleted, but rewarded. I choose to reach out, knowing that making an effort for other people lifts me up more than anything else. I choose to write a story for myself where I am content, energetic, inspired, and free.

And after I write this story within, I wonder why I didn’t believe it in the first place.