Messages from Spirit

The other day I saw four great blue herons, my special spirit animal, in flight. This was greatly encouraging to me — it has always meant “everything will be okay”, or “Spirit is with you.”

Indeed, I had a difficult meeting about the work issue yesterday, which went very well. I have to be courageous in the coming days, to file my informal complaint and return to work until I find another job.

Through all this turmoil I have been quite content. I am learning not to hold onto troubles. Instead I’m focusing on Spirit.

Yesterday I asked for messages for me, and was told that love is the supreme instrument of all forces. I still need to unpack that statement and get to the meat of it. Spirit said that compassion is simply right relationship. That rings true for me. When we are truly in right relationship with all things, compassion flows easily. When I know how I am affecting the Everything with my every breath, I breathe compassion.

Spirit said many things about love:

Love, always love

the complication of it

required the forces

of the universe.

By that I see that all begins and ends with love, compassion, and right relationship. And that to construct the attributes of these things, the universe was made.

Spirit said,

Birds will fly out of the wilds

beautiful as galaxies

and swoop upon your souls.

I’m not yet sure what that means, but it reminds me of my great blue herons.

And finally, Spirit said,

People are diamonds,

souls precious beyond measure

so uplift your soul

from the ground

by the twin-twined tree

and lay it open,

lay it shut,

and write poems to your DNA.

To me, that’s a poem about writing a poem to DNA, the “twin-twined tree” that opens and shuts to reproduce itself. I think it’s a message to look into the metaphysical ideas behind DNA, such as DNA activation and the effects of consciousness on DNA.

Lots to go on, and I’m feeling strong.

Interestingly enough, my previous post about my troubles at work was my 100th post! So it should be a celebration instead of a complaint.


Spirit Readings and Healing

I thought I’d take a moment to remind people that I do free spiritual readings and healing. I have a contact form on my blog, here:

I have trouble “promoting” myself, but why should I? It’s a free service that I provide because I have been blessed with the time, energy and inclination to do it. Over the past year I’ve done a lot of readings, and maybe helped some people. I’m calling out now because I want people to know that I’m here, and if they need guidance I might be able to give it.

What do I do, exactly? I have called it shamanism, but shamanism is an umbrella term that I use quite loosely. Perhaps I am a lightworker, or a spiritworker. Some might call me a medium or even a psychic. I’d rather get away from labels altogether.

Basically, I talk to Spirit. I do general readings about life’s challenges and issues. I do spiritual guidance. I’ve done some past life work and that’s not easy for me, but I enjoy it. I’m available for ongoing counselling (with insights from Spirit) for abuse issues, grief, or depression. Also, I can help you find lost pieces of your soul and help you welcome them home.

Please be aware that I can’t tell you what is your perfect job or who is your perfect mate, because I can’t answer questions that you need to figure out for yourself. I can’t promise you’ll like the messages that Spirit has given me. But I can promise that I will give you my attention and I will listen to what Spirit wants to tell you. I can promise to try to help.

I get a lot of joy out of this work and I’ve been in touch with so many wonderful people. Feel free to get in touch with me.

Free Shamanic Readings: My Process

I’ve been doing shamanic journeys for others for a month now, and it’s been an incredible experience. I get so much out of doing this and I’m grateful to everyone who wrote to me, and anyone who will write in the future. Tonight I thought I should talk a bit about my process and clarify a couple things.

I do offer my readings free of charge, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I can’t imagine myself needing a monetary exchange; people tend to be so appreciative and that alone feels like a proper energy exchange to me. I think that charging for readings would ruin the whole experience for me. I’m not frowning on people who do charge for readings; I actually think my situation is a bit unusual as I have not felt drained or used in any way. Perhaps the Universe or my spirit guides are compensating me for the work. It does feel like a gift and an adventure.

I want to emphasize that I don’t consider myself psychic – I am nothing without my guides. Because of this, I have decided not to continue offering card readings. It is not my strong point at all and I need to do a lot of work around trusting my own intuition. I adore oracle cards and often consult them, having first asked my guides to help me choose meaningful cards. But I feel my interpretations are lacking and I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

So what will you get if you ask me for a shamanic journey? It does vary from person to person. All I need from you is a question or issue that you want me to explore. You can give me as much or as little detail as you like – a simple question is okay, and so is a very complicated one. Then I’ll take your question to the spirit world. Usually I will first ask one of my spirit guides to take me to one of your spirit guides. I believe that people have multiple guides and lots of useful helping spirits, so I may contact a spirit you have not yet worked with. Spirits can come in many forms, too: animals, humans, places, or deities. I may be able to contact a specific spirit or deity if you ask me to, but please understand that it is really up to the spirits themselves as to what happens in a journey.

What kind of questions can’t I deal with? There are a few, though thankfully these kinds of questions have rarely come up. First and foremost, I can’t do any journey that would invade someone’s privacy. That means that I need permission before I journey for someone, and you cannot ask me to journey about another person specifically. Questions such as “What is Mr. Right thinking about me?” seem harmless but I can’t address them without permission from the relevant person. I also can’t delve into matters of health, because I’m not qualified to give medical advice and it’s not smart for me to try. This also means I can’t tell you what will be the result of life-or-death situations.

The best questions to ask are ones concerning your own path, purpose, and development. I haven’t had a truly trivial question yet; people generally want direction for their own growth and that’s fantastic. The spirits are happy to oblige when you are working towards fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Whatever your question is, I will try to get as much specific information as possible by asking your guide a variety of questions. Be aware that knowing more about your situation will help me ask better questions, so feel free to tell me as much as you are comfortable.

After the journey I will write you a report detailing everything I can possibly remember. I’ll tell you a bit about how I entered the Other World, either through trance with a drumming track, through a very hot bath similar to a sweat lodge, or even through the help of an entheogen. If an animal appears in the journey, I will look that animal up in Ted Andrews’ book Animal Speak and tell you a bit about the animal’s significance. Sometimes I’ll offer my own interpretation if something in the journey was unclear and I had an intuition about it. You can always ask for clarification about any aspect of the journey. Ultimately though, the messages I receive are for you to interpret; I’m merely the messenger. Sometimes you just won’t get a straight-up answer and I assure you, it drives me crazy too!

I think that about covers it! Please comment if I’ve missed something. And if you think you’d like me to journey for you, please write to me at janicejove(at)

Communing with Spirit Guides

I am working on strengthening my connection with my spirit guides. I recently took down some out-dated affirmations around my mirror and replaced them with small pictures honouring my spirit guides. I also have jewelry that symbolizes various guides, and my meditation altar is home to clay sculptures of some of my guides too. This is probably the easiest part of connecting with one’s guides. A little harder is the on-going practice of prayer, journeying, and channeling (which in shamanic terms would be called embodiment).

Even harder than this is the obligation to honour them in specific ways that the guides themselves request. Sometimes they require things that seem odd or awkward or even meaningless. I do readings regularly and I ask other people’s guides how to honour them as a show of respect and gratitude for their willingness to speak to me. Usually fulfilling these obligations is work – and I’m not complaining. It should be work.

So communing with one’s guides is not all white light and love. It is a real relationship, and has much of the give-and-take that human relationships have. It takes time and effort; there are misunderstandings; one must be willing to reach out even when one’s guide seems to be silent.

The rewards are well worth it.