Free Shamanic Readings

Spirit has gifted me with a desire to do more shamanic readings, and so I have decided to offer free readings for two individuals a week on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please comment below if you would like a reading and when it’s your turn I’ll ask you to email me your questions or concerns.

What is a shamanic reading? In my readings I utilize shamanic journeys, which are trance-like states in which a practitioner confers with Spirit in order to receive wisdom, answers, and healing. All my readings are wildly different as they are focused on the person I am reading for. A reading may reveal an animal spirit guide, or a deceased relative’s advice. You might get a description of your own Higher Self and his/her message for you, or a glimpse into a past life and wisdom about how it affects your present circumstances. A reading may indicate a need for healing. If Spirit indicates that healing (such as a soul retrieval or other energy work) is necessary, I will ask your permission and complete this healing for free as well.

You do not have to be of any path or faith to write to me. I will try to converse with you on your level and I respect all compassionate faiths.

When you email me privately you can tell me as much or as little as you like, and it will all stay confidential. The one thing I absolutely need is simply a question or issue you’d like me to journey about.

So again, comment on this post to reserve a free reading! Remember, I can only promise two a week so please be patient.

*Edit*: Please be aware that comments on this post are not private — so I will give you my email address when it’s your turn.


Spiritual Practice

I am a shamanic practitioner and I feel called to do more than I’m currently doing, spiritually. Right now, I do readings and healing maybe once a month, for a smallish fee. I have tried doing free readings but after a few years of this the constant demand burnt me out, as well as leaving me occasionally unsatisfied (like when people made requests purely for entertainment purposes, not taking it seriously). I’m not sure what to do next with my path. Does anyone have ideas? I don’t mind practicing for free but I can’t figure out how to do it without opening myself up to be overwhelmed again.

Sale on Readings!

Etsy just rolled out their sales and coupons option, so I’m running a week-long sale on readings and healings. The price is 50% off, now only $20 (Canadian dollars).

I’m going on a spiritual vacation tomorrow and would love to do some work for others while I’m there. Please note that my internet will be limited, so I will only be able to send the full readings when I get back on the 19th.

Consider visiting my Etsy here!


Soul Grafting

I have been reading Allie Knowlton’s excellent book, Exploring Our Multidimensional Selves: A Shamanic Perspective and was fascinated by the endless possibilities in the shamanic journey for healing of all kinds. I have been doing journeys lately to find healing for others by asking for a spirit who wants to “join” with someone’s soul, so that both are healed and helped in the merging.

This is like a soul retrieval with the important distinction that the part being integrated is not originally of that soul. The merge could be a helping spirit who wants to give you healing and energy, or a more mutually supportive merge with a spirit who also needs help. The term “soul grafting” strikes me as being apt, and it is an exciting new idea for me.


I do shamanic work for a small fee on Etsy, and always promise to work with people until they are satisfied. Please feel free to visit me here: Shamanic Readings, Soul Retrievals and Healing

Shamanic Work

I have taken a leap towards living my life to the fullest! I am sorry to say that I am no longer offering free readings, which was a wonderful experience, but spiritual readings and soul retrievals will now be available through my Etsy, here: Story’s Etsy Shop

Why make this change? I want to do good work and currently I am unemployed, so it makes sense intellectually. Also, spirit is telling me that the level of responsibility and new challenges I’ll face by doing spiritual work on Etsy will help me grow. I feel like being a shamanic practitioner should be my job, so I’m going to dip my toe in the waters of possibility and see what happens.

I hope everyone understands my decision. Many Blessings,

Story Kassie Kai



Honouring Winter

I’m finally beginning to settle into a routine after my move, and am catching up on readings. I am learning to not wait until I “feel spiritual” but instead do them on the fly, having faith that Spirit will speak.

We have already received a blanket of snow, and Willow and I are enjoying this new season greatly. In Winter, the white fields provide a spectacular viewing stage for any wandering deer or coyotes. The best part is the tracking opportunities. We watch for tracks across the road and follow them with flashlights across fields, usually leading to an animal sighting.

Also, there is a fox that lives in the neighbourhood which you can spot running down the sidewalk in the middle of the afternoon!

fox fox2

I’ve gone from sitting on my butt in an office for hours a day to being out raking leaves and helping with repairs. It feels like a homestead and I find I’m loving it more than I expected. I do tend to think I was a Mennonite in a past life or something, since people often assume I am Mennonite because of the way I dress, my headcoverings, and my love of working with my hands, making my own soap and butter and such 🙂

When not working around the house or doing readings, I’m trying to do some freelance editing work. When I left my job I had accumulated 15 years of editing experience, working with all manner of text. I’m getting some work with ebooks and essays, but I thought I’d mention it here in case someone needs help. If you want to check out my services shoot me an email at

Spirit Readings and Healing

I thought I’d take a moment to remind people that I do free spiritual readings and healing. I have a contact form on my blog, here:

I have trouble “promoting” myself, but why should I? It’s a free service that I provide because I have been blessed with the time, energy and inclination to do it. Over the past year I’ve done a lot of readings, and maybe helped some people. I’m calling out now because I want people to know that I’m here, and if they need guidance I might be able to give it.

What do I do, exactly? I have called it shamanism, but shamanism is an umbrella term that I use quite loosely. Perhaps I am a lightworker, or a spiritworker. Some might call me a medium or even a psychic. I’d rather get away from labels altogether.

Basically, I talk to Spirit. I do general readings about life’s challenges and issues. I do spiritual guidance. I’ve done some past life work and that’s not easy for me, but I enjoy it. I’m available for ongoing counselling (with insights from Spirit) for abuse issues, grief, or depression. Also, I can help you find lost pieces of your soul and help you welcome them home.

Please be aware that I can’t tell you what is your perfect job or who is your perfect mate, because I can’t answer questions that you need to figure out for yourself. I can’t promise you’ll like the messages that Spirit has given me. But I can promise that I will give you my attention and I will listen to what Spirit wants to tell you. I can promise to try to help.

I get a lot of joy out of this work and I’ve been in touch with so many wonderful people. Feel free to get in touch with me.