New Needle Felted Chipmunk!

I’m still improving and I’m so excited. I’m also embarking on a fresh start in life by deleting my facebook. But I have a new one and I’m looking for lovely new friends, so does anyone want to find each other on social media?

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Needle Felted Red Squirrel

In the midst of this creative phase I’m having, I feel like I’m waking up to life in a whole new way. I used to not comprehend roads and directions, but now suddenly I remember and can describe road trips. I used to have trouble sculpting and seeing things, but now it seems so clear!!!

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Order a Micro Piggly!

I’ve practiced hard and now I’m revealing my sweet mini pig, needle felted in 100% wool! He’s completely handmade and if you order one, you can even custom request a colour pattern, and other specifications!


Little Stinker! now on Etsy

I’m working on my needle felting skills, trying to achieve a realistic look to my animals. So I did a baby skunk, with synthetic whiskers and plastic eyes. He’s very sweet and soft, made of 100% wool, and best of all, he doesn’t stink!


I put up the little chipmunk too 🙂