Music: A Soul Walk Through Tuva

Take a moment to enjoy a shamanic soul journey.

I created this meditation soundscape with the amazing synthesizer, the MicroKORG, and added in some effects through the sound editor Audacity. I feel it represents a soul journey through Tuva, as I have included my own attempts at Tuvan throat singing (modified electronically) and a Tuvan drum beat as well.

Please enjoy and tell me what you think!


Making Music

I was generously gifted a MicroKORG synthesizer, and Willow got me the proper set up for connecting it to the computer. Now it’s like I have a mini music studio! I used the free software Audacity to edit layers of me playing the synthesizer as well as adding effects, and although it’s only a minute long, I kinda like the end result. I’d describe this first song as being “post rock electronica” (whatever that means).

Listen to it here and tell me what you think: