Breathing With spirit


It’s clear we need spirit, but spirit needs us too, only differently. Try breathing with spirit — a breathing exercise to remind you that you are in spirit’s womb, and it in yours. Go outside if possible and think to yourself, “Spirit, bless me,” while breathing in deeply. Then say to yourself, “Spirit, I bless you,” and breathe out completely. Feel yourself pulling in the universe when you inhale. Feel the universe pulling out as you exhale. You are one.

When Spirit Speaks, Listen

I’m having a really hard couple of days. I feel anxious and distant from spirit; dark and foreboding. I feel as though my greatest love has died.

But this is a lesson; this is a message. The life of a spirit-worker is not all light and love — how could it be? How would we learn anything if we are not challenged? So I go on. I am gentle to myself, but there has to be a tough core that is unswerving, willing to peer into the abyss and bring back the answer.

We’ll Be Back Again

My wife likes to say that after we die we should come back as otters, which sounds good to me. But it’s even nicer to think that for all eternity we’ve already been coming back, crossing paths as sea turtles, bears, bees, whales…anything and everything, always together.