Porcupine Claw Necklace

My wife and I are bone collectors. We stop for roadkill and reverently take what is offered up. It may sound gruesome, but it is a way of honouring the lives and spirits of these animals. Perhaps a year ago we came upon a porcupine at the side of the road. Its quills were scattered everywhere, far further than we could imagine. I blessed the animal with herbs and seeds and salt from a tiny pouch that I keep with me, sacred. Then we collected some quills and my wife took four claws. The claws she preserved in Borax, and last night I felt called to make something from them. I wanted a powerful, large necklace — black, to remind me of the ‘darker’ realities of death and destruction that are valid parts of life. I don’t know if I can truly embrace death and destruction, and I do not seek evil. But I do seek the neutrality of the universe.



A Busy Witch

I’ve been busy in the kitchen! I made hair oil for a friend, ‘passion’ candles for my collection, and I tried something new — bath bars made of beeswax, honey, and sea salt. The idea is a moisturizing scrub and I tested it last night — the sea salt is pretty scratchy and the beeswax is quite hard of course, and the honey is sticky — but it does work, and they look lovely anyway:


My next experiment is a muscle/sciatica salve for my wife and others in my family.

More on Flying Ointments

I have refined my ointment-making skills, now that I have proper ingredients like grapeseed oil and beeswax. My wife came home with belladonna a week ago and I’ve been playing with it (carefully) ever since! I’ve also found that passion flower does nice things for me, which was unexpected, and the result is almost a spiritual ADHD remedy. I’ve been making mystical lip balm as well, with milder but still potent herbs.

Here’s a small jar of flying ointment I made for a friend:


Here is some ‘mystic’ lip balm and ointment:


of flying ointment and supermoons

Last night my wife and her dear friend and I went on a country drive to enjoy the extra-bright full moon. I had wanted to do something for the full moon but thought I needed something more than candles and incense and prayer. So I slathered myself up in my homemade flying ointment and off we went.

I was very surprised when I began to feel physical effects from the ointment, since I used none of the more poisonous ingredients. It felt like the veil between worlds had thinned; everything felt alive. I felt wonderful and slightly distracted by pretty glowing streetlights, though my mind was still sharp.

We drove for about an hour and a half, sighting two raccoons and — surprisingly — a possum. I prayed and asked for communion with the spirits. Earlier that day I had pulled the Communion card from my Earth Magic deck, which I have pulled several times recently.

I’m not a very visual person; I wish I could say I saw spirits last night. But I felt them. I knew they were there, speaking to me. And there is nothing disappointing in that. I need to open my mind a little more and stop harping on the visual side of things, since I access the spiritual realms in a different way. I am learning, slowly.