Entropy eats,

when there is nothing else,

itself, and when all is gone,

dies. Its absence becomes

a yearning

for something civilized,

a craving for stars,

galaxies and minds

once again.


Heat Death of the Universe

In the last throes of the heat death

of what was once a universe,

everything flies apart.

Your body undoes itself, gapes

as the galaxies expand, cool, and thin

to mere suggestions.

The cosmos becomes its own

homeopathic remedy,

while your mind dissolves into space

to inoculate

me against your memory.


Fundamental Motion


Everything is

a shark, moving for a living.

The day you froze, place lost

its room and time lost

its patience, only to snatch

you out of space. You translated

into perpetual light, unseen

like the gaps found

between film’s still frames, dead

but chasing the unborn.

Here in this nowhere, you linger

never and always, spread

into everything and nothing,

as only spirit stops.

Views of the Universe

Is there but one electron

in the Universe, coloured

by Spirit’s infinite hues, or

is there but one form

of Spirit, dancing

in the vast sea of Being?

Surely both bear

truth, surely both hold

meaning and meaninglessness.

Meditation on Matter and Spirit

I talk about Matter and Spirit a lot because I think about them a lot. Here’s today’s meditation: 

The whole problem with science and metaphysics is the idea that things can act.

Matter in itself can’t do anything. It simply IS. It is pure being, pure existence, and it cannot relate or enact. It might be “a red ball” but this fact is absolutely meaningless until you can relate “a red ball” to something else, such as “a white ball” or “a black floor” so you can really see and understand it.

Spirit is the dynamism of relation.

So there is Being, and there is Relation. Relation makes things make sense. Relation is what we see when “observing”. It is context and depth. There is no action, no gradient and no contrast without relation. When being and relation come together, Everything Happens.

Matter is Being and Spirit is Relation. Things like time, space, energy and movement are really attributes of relation — thus attributes of Spirit.

What does it mean that forces and actions and spacetime are Spirit? It means we dream our world into being. It means our thoughts create the universe and the universe creates our thoughts. It means all things are one and all things are separate. It means it’s time to stop denying the reality of things that are beyond our physical senses. Thoughts are just as real as bricks, and just as weighty.

A Fairytale

Gravity and electromagnetism

propagated, indiscrete

and full of longing.

As spirits go, they were pretty,

though their attributes upheld nought,

so they courted

brave actuality’s particulate forms.

On their marriage beds they knew

themselves and each other

as time now struck its fledgling beat,

and then Matter took shape and Spirit took being,

thus quickening the world

by their spiral intertwining.