Building a Cosmology

A cosmology is necessary to navigate the spirit realm. It is your personal map that provides contextual understanding for what you experience within it. A cosmological understanding also helps focus one’s intention in what one is truly trying to accomplish.

The composition of a cosmology should contain an explanation of the landscape of the spirit realm, and how it functions, as well as how the physical world and the spirit world relate to each other.

My cosmology assumes that the definition of spirit is equal to that of pure potentiality. This world is an “ideal”, but not in the sense that everything is good and perfect.  It is abstract in the sense that it is not physical, and taken together it contains all aspects of all instances.

The spirit world is not bound by time. In spirit, everything that is possible exists simultaneously.

One of my spirit helpers has told me that the spirit world can be thought of as a coil. What extends the spirit world from being one infinitely-packed point is the idea of time. Shamanic societies usually break the spirit world up into three realms: the upper, middle, and lower worlds. However, the explanations of these realms are fairly vague across the board. In my cosmology, the real distinction between the realms is time. Future, Present, and Past represent the upper, middle, and lower realms respectively. In my studies I have not encountered this idea specifically, but the whole point of building a cosmology is that it needs to be what resonates with you at your core.

In the end, all cosmologies are metaphors and stories, as existence escapes human definition and the limitations that our understanding always puts upon it. The stories we create are the vehicles for our imagination that take us beyond the physical world. We don’t want these stories to limit us, but to help carry us forward. It’s important not to get too wrapped up in our cosmology, but to let it transport us.



Ceremonial Rattles, Bags, and Necklace

I have been busy making sacred objects for daily wearing and ceremonial use.

I made a special rattle, and a bag to carry it in. The rattle is made with an antler piece, green apatite that I found myself up north, an amethyst point, and other stones.


I also made a tiny “travel rattle” with a hip pouch that I can easily carry with me all the time.


And finally, I made a necklace with an amulet bag on it, with antler, amethyst, amber, moonstone, and other accessories.



Spiritual Crisis

Recently I fell into a depression, to the point of being suicidal. I would like to reach out to those that have emailed me and apologize for my absence. I need some time to catch up, so please be patient just a little longer and I’ll write as soon as I can.

I have come out of this crisis, fully and completely, but when this happens to me I know that a big transformation is needed in my life. These phases are lessons — brutal as they may be, I always come out of them with renewed vigour and deep gratitude.

If you are experiencing a physical or mental health issue that seems to defy all reason and doesn’t respond to modern medicine, know that spirit may be calling you towards a course correction in your life. Often the answer is to change your perspective in a big way — even a paradigm shift — and commit with passion to express your soul’s unique set of gifts.

For me, a spirit guide brought me to a pit of water from which there was no easy escape. The first way out that I came up with involved waiting for the water to rise high enough so I could climb out. But the better answer was to use my shamanic skills and shapeshift into a bird, and simply fly away.

Shapeshifting is exactly what I need right now, and I think it is often the answer to our spiritual problems. Growth, change, and transformation can happen in a beautiful explosion when we are desperately pushed.


Living Story

Truth, that binary star

co-dependent on antipodal pull,

wars without armistice for absolutes,

leaving everything hanging


and infinitely meaningful

and infinitely meaningless.


Living a truly authentic life means understanding the very nature of truth.

Truth is always rooted in the larger context of story. I believe every truth has at least one alternate “retrograde perspective” that is equally valid. I believe that you can equally stroll across the Earth or walk by turning the Earth with your feet. I believe that you can equally either ride the flow of time’s river from present to future, or stay motionless and pull the future past your mind’s eye.


I stayed still and

pulled the future back

against me

at the speed of light

to let its moments stroke

past my brain

as the present time.


The more aware and honest we are that ultimate truth is contextual, the same way that water’s “perspective” changes from gas to liquid to solid based on the context of temperature, the more empowered and free we are. We can be the most deeply insightful only by understanding how a variety of contexts and perspectives entwine together, overlapping and departing while telling their stories, everything contradicting everything else, but each tale still true and perfect in itself.