Duality and Nonduality

I have given a lot of thought to duality and nonduality. I believe in both simultaneously, which tends to be my answer for everything.

Yet today I realized that between Self and Other, or Matter and Spirit, there is still something missing. I think duality is not a complete picture, but a triad gives depth just as it does in considering physical dimensions.

I believe that everything is comprised of Being, Relation, and Dynamism. I used to say just Being and Spirit, but “Spirit” can mean almost anything. I think now I see Spirit in Being, in Relation, and in Dynamism. So it is not really a war between Matter and Spirit, but it is a deep intertwining.

Spirit enlivens Being and gives meaning to Relation and force to Dynamism. Spirit is in it all.

Spirit is.


6 thoughts on “Duality and Nonduality

  1. Have you read the Seth Books? There is also a friend’s site I might recommend for your interest if you don’t mind me doing so, a site that is dedicated to the realisation of metaphysics:
    I think your posts are just great, and I look forward to the next πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for the recommendation and your kind words! Your friend’s blog looks very very interesting. I haven’t read the Seth Books, but you’ve got me intrigued so I’ll look them up πŸ™‚

  2. I love this ~ it’s a profound thought.
    I believe it fully. Spirit is in everything and the everything is in spirit.
    Spirit is life and life is spirit. It can’t be separated but rather “a deep intertwining” indeed.
    Great post!:)
    Peace ~ Andrea

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