Ladybug appeared to me as an unexpected helping spirit last night, and when I looked up her meaning, I was delighted to find joy and truths that made much sense for me now!

Ladybug may be a tiny being, but she is full of fortune and gentle grace, denoting good luck and the deep wonder of the universe.

So to honour ladybug I made these little polymer clay versions on bobby pins this morning!

It’s Always Something!

It’s always something, isn’t it? There is a theory that in life your key levels of fulfillment — things like mental health, physical health, financial stability, and social involvements — can never be all maximized at the same time. It’s the idea that nothing is ever perfect, because in perfection there is no learning or growing, and I imagine it would be very boring too.

So naturally, when I recently started to feel on top of my game spiritually and mentally, and I had some success with my Etsy, I immediately got sick and then my computer blew up and refused to boot at all.

Such is the path of life! I think we’d do best to take the ups and downs as a thrill ride instead of always trying to get somewhere.

Embracing Wild Gratitude

Gratitude aligns your heart with the universe and changes your life. What are you grateful for?

I’m always grateful for Willow, the treasure of my life, and yesterday was a good example of why she is such a shining light. We found out I need a root canal on a front tooth which is infected, and she was up at 10:30 in the morning making me my favourite meal (rainbow trout!) in case I couldn’t eat later. Her caring knows no bounds. She told the dental team about me being an abuse survivor so they would be gentle, and got lots of pudding for me and my inner kids to enjoy. All this she does like a daily routine, just loving us.

Your Power and Your Birthright

You are an instance of being, a single point that is one half of the greatest duality of all: the instance and the infinite. You are in relationship with the infinite (the great mystery of spirit) simply by existing. The instance and the infinite are a yin-yang of equal power on both sides. As such, we are co-creators of our reality. Everything we experience is a creation between our mind and soul and that of the infinite (the Source, or Great Spirit). Our half of that equation is no less mighty than that of the infinite, which is a statement baffling in the power it gives us. This power is our birthright. If you don’t claim your power to co-create your reality, you are allowing some other force to hold that power over you.