Time Alone

Consciousness becomes

you. Given enough time, you know

all stones and bones defossilize,

enliven, and grow

again, again, again, spiriting

in cycles too vast for theories to vault.

You verb

to hide the fact you’re doing

time alone,

and there’s no escape

but to dream that eons entwine,

infinitely packed without a care

for paradox or spacetime. Here, you stroke

the everbefore-and-after

with your little hours; here, you reach

the gods of everything.

Soul Loss as Entropy

Entropy is a force of chaos that drives life forward yet feeds on death.  Nature makes peace with entropy, softening it with grace through its complex systems of decay and renewal. Humans, however, struggle to master a holistic perspective that is vast enough to foresee the consequences of our conveniences – thus our lives and our energy spin off into waste and pollution.

Remember microbeads, and the damage they can do to ocean life? Now they’re talking about microfibers from synthetic clothing being even worse, and unfortunately that’s been around for decades. These are examples of entropy. It’s trash heaps, air and water filled with contaminants, and nature thrown out of balance with it.

Yet nature left on its own dances with entropy beautifully.

There is another side to entropy that we must tackle first: and it’s personal. We must learn to notice entropy in our own lives and souls. On this level, entropy is often expressed as wastes of energy and a lack of personal authenticity. Lacking the discipline of authenticity we are too easily broken down into pieces – which is a way of looking at the shamanic idea of soul loss. Soul loss is personal entropy in action.

And I’d say that entropy is the biggest threat we ever face.  Yet we just have to look to nature and spirit to see how to live with it gracefully.

To repair our personal entropy, we must be in right relationship with spirit’s ecosystem. We must gather back our soul parts. We must learn to make good decisions about our energy. Before we all do this as human beings, all the activism in the world will not solve humanity’s environmental problems of entropy.

It’s Always Something!

It’s always something, isn’t it? There is a theory that in life your key levels of fulfillment — things like mental health, physical health, financial stability, and social involvements — can never be all maximized at the same time. It’s the idea that nothing is ever perfect, because in perfection there is no learning or growing, and I imagine it would be very boring too.

So naturally, when I recently started to feel on top of my game spiritually and mentally, and I had some success with my Etsy, I immediately got sick and then my computer blew up and refused to boot at all.

Such is the path of life! I think we’d do best to take the ups and downs as a thrill ride instead of always trying to get somewhere.

Embracing Wild Gratitude

Gratitude aligns your heart with the universe and changes your life. What are you grateful for?

I’m always grateful for Willow, the treasure of my life, and yesterday was a good example of why she is such a shining light. We found out I need a root canal on a front tooth which is infected, and she was up at 10:30 in the morning making me my favourite meal (rainbow trout!) in case I couldn’t eat later. Her caring knows no bounds. She told the dental team about me being an abuse survivor so they would be gentle, and got lots of pudding for me and my inner kids to enjoy. All this she does like a daily routine, just loving us.