Prayer for a Spirit Child

[For earthly-departed or potential children who live in spirit.]

Blessed child,

awed by the wild,

spirit-kept and beloved

across all times,

my being thine

and never to be sundered.



Baby Mouse Update

After some much needed water, and lots of food, the little guy is already looking better! We never know how a wildlife rescue is going to go, especially when it’s a baby. But I have good reason to be hopeful about this sweet fellow.


Making a Spirit Doll for Healing

I made another little spirit child doll this morning. These dolls are intensely helpful for getting in touch with your wounded inner child, or dealing with mothering issues such as miscarriage.



I sculpt the face out of polymer clay and colour it with chalk pastels, then add fabric and beads or stones.


Healing the Inner Child and Connecting With the Mother Goddess

This morning I made a little spirit-child doll out of clay, fabric, and crystals (amethyst, rose quartz, pearl, and Picasso jasper). She represents so many things for me, a wealth of healing opportunity and a spiritual focus for connecting with child-energies of all kinds.