Nature Blessings

The other night we encountered a young coyote playing in a field, which was a magical sight. Then last night we saw an owl and managed to get photos! I manned the flashlight 🙂  It is absolutely amazing what you will encounter if you just know how to look. Keep open eyes and senses on high, and spirit will come to you in all forms!


new owl9  new owl4 new owl5 new owl6 new owl7 new owl8



Let me preface this post by saying this is not directed at my WordPress friends. This is for my biological family.

It has been said that no one in my family wants drama, yet those who gossip, bitch about me and/or complain about me sharing my abuse story are themselves the ones creating drama, not me. My mother said that Willow was creating drama merely by posting quotes of support for abuse survivors on my facebook. That is not drama. The drama only comes when people start talking and questioning these posts amongst themselves.

So if you don’t like what I am saying about my past, the way to avoid drama is simple. Don’t create it. Stay the hell away from me, stop reading my blog, my facebook, and stop talking about it with other family members. You wanted me to be silent, so I’ve dropped you all and you simply need to stop talking about it yourselves. There: I’ve solved your drama problem for you.

The truly glorious thing is I myself am blissfully drama-free, and absolutely relieved that I’ve cut off my family. I am happy, strong, and full of excitement for the future.

A Magical Vacation

I’m back from another magical trip to Algonquin Park. Right now the wolves are running rampant — if you want to see wolves and can get to Algonquin, Ontario, this is the time to go. We just drive around at night with huge flashlights and get tips on sightings from park employees and even cops. We were out late one night, driving super slowly, and a cop drove up to check on us. He was bored and chatted about animals for a while. We continued our drive and later he came to find us because he saw a wolf cub we’d mentioned at Mew Lake. We rushed over in time to watch a mama wolf trying to rein in her two rambunctious cubs. They were running all around the road, just 20 feet away or less. Another wolf was also traveling the road elsewhere and we saw him a few times — he was huge and gorgeous. I had been getting visions of wolves beforehand, so it was even more special to me.

Meanwhile the moon was bright and full above us and meteors streaked by. It was a truly beautiful experience.

Wolf Mama

Wolf Cub