A Beautiful Year

I have had the strangest and most wonderful year full of magic and healing. Willow and I celebrated Moosemas, for our mutual love of Moose, and my child soul-parts received such amazing presents! In fact, we only bought presents for them, not Willow and I, and in return they made a 50-page construction paper and sticker-covered book of love for Willow. They got to spend the day playing with Lego and their new Tonka truck and a stuffed cow and lots of Squinkies and “Dinosaur Poop” and a Gross Science kit. A one point they cried they were so happy.

That is my kind of magic.

We went bankrupt this month and Willow found all those toys second-hand or at the dollarstore, yet they were the most PERFECT gifts. Then the universe gifted us with the promise of baby bunnies soon to be born in our living room! We thought we had two male rabbits and let them free to run around the living room, no cage needed as they are litter-trained. Then, three days ago, Sniffy started making a great big nest out of hay and straw. She’s pregnant! Baby bunnies for Moosemas!

Our life is so crazy that when we start describing it to people we’ve just met, they can only hear so much before they stop believing us, yet it’s the utter truth. We have concrete floors and all our furniture is inexpensive so why not let rabbits run wild and have a pond in the living room (where our bed is too), underneath a nature scene and alter with trees and plants? It’s perfection.

We live off good karma. We give our crafts away and always the universe takes care of us. People really take a shine to Willow and she makes friends wherever she goes, so it takes forever to get out of Canadian Tire because of all the hugs and jokes. It’s beautiful. A lovely woman at the squash farm gave us a free serger, an expensive sewing machine we always wanted. A wonderful lady at fabricland gave us a free sewing machine too. We give our soaps and moisturizers and that’s how magic works.

We’re happy. My soul-parts are healing. The Big Three within my soul — the intellect, emotion, and lifeforce — are three separate personalities: Janice, Sylvia and Bianca. They are also known as the Wolf, the Deer, and the Fox. Together they merge into one being that we’re calling OWL. Together they are strong and we are a force to be reckoned with.

This year marks the end of my time as a silent, wounded victim. I have become a strong, loud, proud warrior.