Singing with the Robins

Here’s some of my singing attempts…

’cause I haven’t seen Barbados, so I must get out of this

Holocene (Bon Iver) Cover


Me and a Gun (Tori Amos) Cover


Pissing in a River (Patti Smith) Cover


Professional Widow (Tori Amos) Cover


Blood Roses (Tori Amos) Cover


Personally, I love getting older. I love being 35. I’ve tackled so many body issues and now I feel I’ve grown into my body, into my face, into my spirit. I love not expecting myself to look like a teenager anymore. It’s about freedom and honouring myself and being raw — being me. No apologies, no doubts, no crushing myself into someone else’s square or playing by someone else’s rules.


Poo! (Stories of Willow’s Dragon)

Let me introduce Willow’s stuffy, Poo! Poo is a little blue dragon with a BIG personality. He squawks more than talks, but gestures very succinctly. He likes to drive, especially a snowplow, and flies a plane. He has MANY accessories, including wigs, and likes to dress to impress. He has his Little-Bo-Peep moments but likes to chill with the guys too. His special talent is his tail-stand! It takes a lot of effort but is very impressive. He has a song, too —

Who’s the poo?

Poo’s the poo!

(…repeat many times…)

He gets into everything we’re eating and thus needs a lot of nose-washing. He is very attached to Kai and Katie-Lynn and likes to fling pudding when he’s upset.

Poo tucks me in every night and takes off my glasses (with Willow’s help), then squawks at the mice that live in the ceiling… He’s pretty demanding but that’s just ’cause Poo knows best!

That’s just a little tiny bit of what goes on daily in our life with Poo 🙂


Inuit Snow Goggles

I made polymer clay snow goggles as an amulet, and then realized they fit my stuffed hamster, Hammy…so of course now they are his. Hammy has always been the mysterious sort. (Also note Willow’s dragon, Poo, who has antlers I needle felted.)

You wouldn’t believe the adventures of Poo and Hammy if I told you!