When the Universe Sends Trouble

Sometimes the universe doesn’t seem to reward our hard work. Sometimes the universe doesn’t seem to give us what we need. I think this is the most painful lesson of all — that we are expected to give ourselves what we need. 
And it seems so unfair. I think most people would say, “but I don’t have anything to give myself!” But this is the very untruth that the universe needs us to change in our hearts. If we really don’t have anything to give ourselves, we will never grow. It is like expecting to get strong without ever trying to lift anything. 
What we have to lift is not just daily life, but ourselves. And this is precisely the answer that most people don’t want to get. Why can’t Spirit lend a hand?
Oh, Spirit does. OUR Spirit. Our own Spirit is what will do the lifting once we’ve set the intention to do it. And really, our own Spirit is no different than the Spirit of all things. They are one.
I believe that Being cannot act. I believe that Matter is pure Being, and does nothing at all. It has attributes but these attributes are blank in pure Being because even relating things amongst Being cannot be done by pure Being alone. I believe Spirit is relation and action. I believe that Spirit is what acts. And now, I love to see the wind in the trees, or people walking or speaking, or water flowing, or anything — because these are purely Spirit things. Spirit enlivens Being. 
But even this beautiful thought doesn’t “stick” in me without my constant effort to remember it and see it. While I believe it is absolutely True, I need to keep seeing it and awakening the inspiration in my mind. It’s a constant effort. We cannot rest in this regard. Spirit cannot rest though the body needs it. 
So this is all the advice I have, really, when someone is up against a great loss or depression or difficulty. I imagine it is not easily swallowed or accepted. But all we can ever do is go back to Spirit. To approach Spirit with acceptance that we ourselves are also Spirit, so when we ask something of Spirit, we are asking ourselves too. I hope that this is not seen as a burden, for really it is our supreme power. 

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