You Are Worthy of Love

You are more worthy of love right now than whatever you think you need to become in order to be worthy of love.

If you think you are an exception, please keep reading.

Maybe you think you are ugly. You think you would love yourself more if you were thinner, had better teeth, better hair. But would you cry over an elderly dog with mange, and whisper love into his eyes, all ideas of beauty be damned?

Maybe you think you aren’t a good person. You think you would love yourself if you were wiser, more compassionate and kind. But wouldn’t a wiser, more compassionate person wrap you up in a silent embrace of pure loving kindness, all judgment be damned?

Maybe you think you are a waste of time. You think you would love yourself if you did more and lived up to your potential. But wouldn’t you hold a baby and think she need do nothing more than exist, loving her so hard, all ideas of achievement be damned?

You are more worthy of love right now because you NEED love right now. That’s how it works. That’s the only way it works.

If you need love right now, please do the right thing. Ask for it, give love to yourself, and accept love from others. I promise you are worthy.

Algonquin Adventure in June

We don’t usually go to Algonquin Park in June, due to heat and bugs — both of which are too much for us to bear. But we had some business to attend to up north so naturally we made a trip out of it. We ended up seeing a whopping 23 moose! The key to our moose success was getting up at 2:30am to drive through highway 60 just as dawn was coming up. 5:30-7:30am is the perfect moosing hour.

Music: Nightfall

If you like post-rock, ambient, or relaxing-music-with-feels, you might enjoy this track I created. I use Studio One and layer up royalty-free loops. It is surprisingly easy and rewarding — I highly recommend that you give it a try! You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!


Lately I have been working on my purpose in life by examining my true nature — which is being someone who sees the world in soul terms. I believe in the power of the imagination and that the physical world — the world beyond the Self — is the unknown, the esoteric Otherness. In keeping with this idea I created a song called “Otherworldly”, with vocals and lyrics by me.


I am also interested in a new therapeutic approach to anxiety and the emptiness of depression. It seeks to honour our power to create experiences and learn about ourselves — the only thing we can truly know.

Through our imagination we can “build out of nothing” like the gods.