Rattles for Journeying, Meditation, and Energy Work

As a shamanic practitioner, I employ rattles in my work. Rattles can easily take the place of a drum when drumming is inconvenient or too loud, or — if you’re like me — you find it hard to keep a rhythm or keep drumming during your meditation. Rattles can produce a variety of sounds depending on how they are made. I have some that are very quiet which are great for moments during travel, or just when your spirit wants something subtle. Some of my rattles are loud and distinct.  In any case, rattles don’t require musical talent to use — just make sounds that you enjoy!

Rattles aren’t just a shamanic thing. If you are any kind of empathic, meditative, or energy-working person, you can use rattles for meditation, intuitive healing, energy work, space cleansing/clearing, blessings, and other ceremonies. In shamanism, rattles serve as a “sonic driver” that helps guide the mind into a trance like state. But this state is simply an altered awareness that can be used for setting intention, affirmations, grounding, and mindfulness. Engaging all your senses and creating a moment for yourself by “making noise” is a powerful thing.

My rattles on Etsy.



Soul Loss as Entropy

Entropy is a force of chaos that drives life forward yet feeds on death.  Nature makes peace with entropy, softening it with grace through its complex systems of decay and renewal. Humans, however, struggle to master a holistic perspective that is vast enough to foresee the consequences of our conveniences – thus our lives and our energy spin off into waste and pollution.

Remember microbeads, and the damage they can do to ocean life? Now they’re talking about microfibers from synthetic clothing being even worse, and unfortunately that’s been around for decades. These are examples of entropy. It’s trash heaps, air and water filled with contaminants, and nature thrown out of balance with it.

Yet nature left on its own dances with entropy beautifully.

There is another side to entropy that we must tackle first: and it’s personal. We must learn to notice entropy in our own lives and souls. On this level, entropy is often expressed as wastes of energy and a lack of personal authenticity. Lacking the discipline of authenticity we are too easily broken down into pieces – which is a way of looking at the shamanic idea of soul loss. Soul loss is personal entropy in action.

And I’d say that entropy is the biggest threat we ever face.  Yet we just have to look to nature and spirit to see how to live with it gracefully.

To repair our personal entropy, we must be in right relationship with spirit’s ecosystem. We must gather back our soul parts. We must learn to make good decisions about our energy. Before we all do this as human beings, all the activism in the world will not solve humanity’s environmental problems of entropy.


Ladybug appeared to me as an unexpected helping spirit last night, and when I looked up her meaning, I was delighted to find joy and truths that made much sense for me now!

Ladybug may be a tiny being, but she is full of fortune and gentle grace, denoting good luck and the deep wonder of the universe.

So to honour ladybug I made these little polymer clay versions on bobby pins this morning!

Intention and the Imagination

Intention gets talked about a lot in spiritual and self-help circles. It is believed that our intention holds energetic power that can make things happen. Intention alone is not a very clear concept, but nothing lights your intention on fire like the imagination. In fact, your intention is contained and carried forward like a passenger on the imagination. So your imagination is like a giant signal boost for your intention. Why wouldn’t you use it? It’s freely available to you all the time, any time, and you don’t have to be a master in self-discipline because this method is literally child’s play. It’s simple and fun.

The imagination is a direct sense of potential, as I’ve explained in previous posts. When we imagine a potential outcome we wish to achieve, we are co-creating the possibility for it to happen. this idea bears some similarities to the law of attraction, but I don’t believe that that law is valid as it has been described by others. I don’t believe that like simply attracts like, but that we must imagine things in order for them to be possible, or to increase their potential. We, as instances, are co-creators with the infinite.

So I would advocate that we work our imagination into our spellwork, our meditations, our prayers, our journeys, every part of life. You can bless your food and medicine before consuming it by imagining that it is healing to your body. When praying, imagine the outcomes you desire and especially imagine the emotions that you will feel when you do achieve those outcomes. When creating a spell or charging a power object, simply imagine that you are giving power to what you’re doing. This provides a clear picture that expresses your intentions, so they can better manifest.

The more confident you are in your imagination, the clearer and stronger your intention will be. Your imagination is the source of your magic, not mere fantasy! When you work with the imagination rather than against it, you will access the kinds of powers we think only a Shaolin monk could master, like healing one’s own body.


Past Lives

I feel like I am presently co-existing in a past life, or like a past life is calling to me so strongly I hardly know what to do. I believe I experienced a past life as an Inuit, living on the land, a vast expanse of ice and sky…eating the food of the land, like fish and caribou. I don’t even like the idea of eating gamey meat but I can’t get the craving out of my head, it’s the oddest thing. I want to honour this life and figure out if there is anything I need to do in my life now as a result of my past life.

To try to deal with this feeling, I made an Inuit-inspired amulet necklace with polymer clay to look like bone. It’s an ancient kind of fish hook with little charms of a fish, seal, and whale.


My Book About the Power of the Imagination

I was going to write a book, but that would mean taking a lot of time away from my blog, and this is an important way for me to connect with people (since I can be too much of an introvert and don’t talk to anyone for days). So I thought that instead I would post installments of the book on my blog, as I write them.

Here’s the introduction blurb.

The world at large trains us to disregard our imaginations. What we imagine has no value, no reality, and no effect on the physical world, the world of actualization. This message renders us powerless in our own lives. With the imagination in full gear, we unlock our spirituality and creativity, and gain mastery over our intellect, our emotions, and even our health.

The imagination seems like mere child’s play: self-created fantasy that has no truth or bearing on our existence. We have been programmed to shun what feels self-created because we don’t believe we have power to create change in the world through our thoughts. But we do. If you are a spiritual person, you might know this in your gut, no matter what the world says. There is a popular spiritual statement you’ve probably heard: thoughts become things. Indeed, thoughts are the engines of our worlds. Shamanic cultures have long maintained that we dream the world into being – thoughts not only fuel the world, they create the world. Thoughts are the world. If you know in your heart this is true, then your thoughts (despite and because the fact that they are self-created) are the most powerful tools in your world.