Messages from Spirit

The other day I saw four great blue herons, my special spirit animal, in flight. This was greatly encouraging to me — it has always meant “everything will be okay”, or “Spirit is with you.”

Indeed, I had a difficult meeting about the work issue yesterday, which went very well. I have to be courageous in the coming days, to file my informal complaint and return to work until I find another job.

Through all this turmoil I have been quite content. I am learning not to hold onto troubles. Instead I’m focusing on Spirit.

Yesterday I asked for messages for me, and was told that love is the supreme instrument of all forces. I still need to unpack that statement and get to the meat of it. Spirit said that compassion is simply right relationship. That rings true for me. When we are truly in right relationship with all things, compassion flows easily. When I know how I am affecting the Everything with my every breath, I breathe compassion.

Spirit said many things about love:

Love, always love

the complication of it

required the forces

of the universe.

By that I see that all begins and ends with love, compassion, and right relationship. And that to construct the attributes of these things, the universe was made.

Spirit said,

Birds will fly out of the wilds

beautiful as galaxies

and swoop upon your souls.

I’m not yet sure what that means, but it reminds me of my great blue herons.

And finally, Spirit said,

People are diamonds,

souls precious beyond measure

so uplift your soul

from the ground

by the twin-twined tree

and lay it open,

lay it shut,

and write poems to your DNA.

To me, that’s a poem about writing a poem to DNA, the “twin-twined tree” that opens and shuts to reproduce itself. I think it’s a message to look into the metaphysical ideas behind DNA, such as DNA activation and the effects of consciousness on DNA.

Lots to go on, and I’m feeling strong.

Interestingly enough, my previous post about my troubles at work was my 100th post! So it should be a celebration instead of a complaint.


15 thoughts on “Messages from Spirit

  1. That’s a beautiful thought, write poems to your DNA. Write your own history, decide for yourself with the inexhaustible energy of the universe flowing through you how you would like your days to unfold. Nothing is hidden from you, nothing secret. Become the bird and fly through the landscape of your soul as you see it before you. Life is your mirror, and it’s time to shine 🙂

  2. I’ve always loved great blue herons and I’m glad they stopped in to give you such comfort. This is a powerful message they sent you.

    1. Thank you for the gentle reminder not to take it lightly. I remember seeing them as a child, catching only glimpses really and not knowing if they were even real, as I didn’t know any such bird like that existed in Canada.

  3. Maybe it was a celebration after all. It takes courage to take a stand against that kind of workplace abuse. That you did is worth celebrating.

    Cranes and herons have a special relationship to Kuan Yin, as well, which certainly fits the messages of compassion you received.

    1. Thank you for pointing out that link between the heron and compassion, and reminding me to research Kuan Yin again. Your own writings of her have really intrigued me.

  4. There are several very good books available about her; I list some on my page about her. There’s good info to be had on the internet as well, but I see a trend toward making her only about “self-compassion.” Yes, that is important, but some of this runs very close to making her the Bodhisattva of Ego-boo, and that’s just sad.

  5. Compassion, loving-kindness, and the like can be difficult. I find it most difficult when directed inward. (((hugs)) i don’t have anything useful to add, but I’m thinking of you during this time. If you wouldn’t mind my adding you to my healing-energy-work-offering-praying thing that I do, I will do so happily.

    1. Oh, thank you so much. You are too kind and I gratefully accept your offer. Love and blessings to you, may your sweetness flow back to you!

      1. ((hugs)) We don’t talk a lot, our paths don’t cross a lot, but I am grateful in ways I can’t articulate for discovering your blog and getting to read what you share.

      2. This has been such an interesting day for me in terms of compassion. My wife had a terrible kidney stone attack and had to go to the hospital early this morning. But the nurse was unbelievably good. She was spooning ice chips into my wife’s mouth and it made all the difference for her to feel cared for (and get pain medication of course).

        So your note today is another beautiful expression of the compassion we must all have for each other. And I really don’t understand why I feel drawn to you without even talking to you, but I do feel a connection, and it’s lovely.

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