Needle Felted Opossum

I just finished this needle felted opossum — he’s life sized at about two feet long! This is an art piece and he’s on my Etsy here:


Meditation Tool for Energy Work

I made this rawhide rattle with amethyst crystal points. It’s for directing energy, like a wand, but is also shaped to help me see energy flowing. I like it because it kind of looks like it does something, like a Star Trek prop.


I believe that our paths represent our current models of reality, and that as we grow, paradigm shifts cause these models to expand and even bubble into whole new operating systems. I don’t tend to hold onto any ontological belief too tightly, as at any moment it could radically alter. Instead I suspend belief as much as possible, as Kenneth Smith explains in his wonderful book Shamanism for the Age of Science:

“One remedy for projection put forth by Zen teacher Shunryu Suzuki is to not believe in anything. This doesn’t mean to believe in emptiness, but suspend belief in arbitrary rules embodied in transient formations of reality. […] He is advocating a stronger relationship with potential, with a creative force, instead of being limited solely to human contrivance.”

This often comes through in my art, in concerns with my spiritual practice. I never hesitate to take apart old tools that no longer speak to me, in the pursuit of making something new. Today I got the crystal of my dreams, a fluorite from Muzquiz, Mexico, which represents a fractal form. It is symbolically important to me right now, so I took apart my old shamanic rattle — which I’ve already taken apart a few times now — and made something that speaks to my new inspirations.



Today’s Progress

Today Willow took me to a surplus store where I got this awesome powerful little magnifying glass on a necklace chain, so I can read labels and stuff when I’m in a store or on the go. It’s actually pretty and borderline steampunk! Then we picked up a freestanding magnifier with a flexible neck that Willow attached to a board so I can see what I’m crafting a little better. I feel really awesome right now; even if this doesn’t get better, even if I’m technically legally blind, I’m not letting it get me down.

And I made little mushroom earrings with quartz crystal stems today!