Visually Impaired Arts!

So today I decided to test out my crafting abilities although my vision has not improved. I made these little clay mushrooms with crystal stems! With the help of a magnifying glass, it wasn’t too bad, though I’m not sure how much fine detail I can do yet.

Willow’s been amazing, spending her time helping me make my computer and even our World of Warcraft game as accessible for me as possible ❤  With her at my side I can’t help but feel positive, no matter the outcome.


Handmade Soap!

Many people have asked about my cold process soap, so I am putting it up for sale on Etsy for the first time: Handmade Soap on Etsy.  Personally, I think the shipping fee is dreadful but unfortunately I cannot get around that.

This soap is fragrance and colour free, as natural as soap can be! The recipe was carefully balanced on the Soap Calc website to be as creamy, bubbly, cleansing, and conditioning as possible. Quality was the main priority with this soap, making it perfect for a luxurious bath or spa day.

Each soap is approximately 125 grams.

Starseed Rattle

I made myself a necklace with a rawhide rattle and a gorgeous “garden quartz” (it has green inclusions that look like a garden within it!). I’m calling this piece The Starseed.

I can custom-make similar pieces, so if you’re interested please contact me on Etsy!


What’s in My Spiritual Toolkit?

I love to create spiritual items that resonate with power and meaning, and I also love peeking at other people’s altars and medicine bags on Pinterest. So now I’d like to share a few items that lie in my own spiritual toolkit.

First is my carrying bag, made with deerskin, a coyote face pelt, a compass, and other charms.


Next is one of my favourite rattles, which has green apatite that I found myself, freshly dug from the earth, as well as labradorite, antler, and coyote fur. I prefer rattles over drums and they suit my quiet nature, as well as being more convenient to carry.


Next is a tool I devised myself, though the concept behind it is ancient. It is a “soul catcher” for use in shamanic soul retrievals. In a soul retrieval, a soul fragment may briefly be captured in a crystal or some other vessel before being sent back to unity in the soul from which it came.


Then there is a bottle of my homemade incense, a rich and heady scent, and a little rawhide bottle I made to carry some teeth and claws of power animals.


Next is my “prayer stick”. It just has good energy!


This last object is very special to me. It is a representation of one of my inner child soul parts, but I carry it not as a reminder to be kind to myself, but a reminder that I AM good to my soul parts.  The sculpt is in polymer clay and not one of my best, but I adore it anyway.



So that’s some of my spiritual items that are near and dear to me. Please feel free to share yours with me!