Bounty of the Land

We live off the land whether we feel it or not. We live off the work of others, and the life of plants and animals, and the gifts of the universe.

I have been studying the Inuit way of life, and trying to learn a little Inuktitut, which is their language. I have been eating so much fish, feeling like I am living in a past life somehow. So Willow decided that this year we’ll take up fishing! I am excited to catch my own fish and eat it, living in harmony with the land, listening to the water and watching the sky. It feels beautiful, I can’t wait for spring to come.

Nakurmiik! Iiraaluk, nakurmiik, anirniq. (Thank you! Yes indeed, thank you spirit.)


Emptiness and Qiinuituk

In emptiness we come face to face with ourselves and the infinite. There is great peace to be found if we can accept a moment alone with our soul and the land and the universe.

Where I live in Canada there have been weeks of grey days. But I feel the heartbeat of the land that is more authentic joy than a glint of sunlight…the beat of Life.

The Inuit have a word for the meditative peace of emptiness, which in their barren landscapes has been anything but empty.


“This is when you are alone, the lonely living thing far away from earthly things and filled with peace. This sense of peace fills every corner of your mind. It is more satisfying than any joy you have ever experienced in your conscious life because it runs deeper than happiness. It can mend broken thoughts and feelings, and having experienced it gives you the knowledge that it can come again when you feel there is nowhere to go.” (Quoted in Inuit Women: Their Powerful Spirit in a Century of Change By Janet Mancini Billson, Kyra Mancini)

Kassie’s Strength (Poem)

Acorn babe says

maybe this is the afterlife,

because she’s awakened

to the Earth; she knows

she’s always been an oak.

Here Kassie babe reigns

as the lollipop queen, owning

her land, herself

as if there is no separation between

us and us and us.

There is only freedom,

full like a vast land that knows

no emptiness

though there’s no trees in sight.





Being a Multiple

I identify as a multiple, who is not suffering from dissociative identity disorder, but thriving with it. DID is a mental strategy to survive, and once freed from that survival situation, a multiple has near superhuman capabilities at her/his beck and call.

I have been trying to find a way to express my system, my parts, the essence and the variety of who we are. I think the best thing I can share right now is my Pinterest page…which is like a collage of our personalities. We create separate boards for our parts (not all our parts, but a good few), and each voice and flavour can be seen at a glance.

My Pinterest is here if you would like to see what I mean!