Life Goes On

Today I watched an elk give birth at African Lion Safari, up close and personal. What an amazing experience! This little guy is brand new to the world and already trying out its legs.

elk1 elk2 elk3 elk4 elk5 elk6


Mini Altars

What spiritual person doesn’t love altars or sacred spaces? I love mini ones that you can place anywhere or bring with you in your travels! So I’ve been making some mini nature-scene altars. One features the four elements, and representing Air is always a challenge, so I did it with a tiny windmill that actually turns! I did the mechinism with eye pins so it’s actually pretty sturdy.

See them on Etsy.

fairyelements1 fairyelements2

This next one is an incense burner. I used tiny tiles made from real brick so you can burn cone incense safely, and put a hole on the tree stump, behind the frog, for stick incense. Both altars feature real crystals too.

fairyincense1 fairyincense3