Miniature Fairy Dollhouse Set Now on Etsy!

I love miniatures, dollhouses, and fairies, so this came together wonderfully! It’s a little fairy house sculpted to look like tree bark with separate pieces of furniture and accessories. It’s super tiny, just over two inches tall!

See it on Etsy.

fairy set foreground

fairy set chair fairy set letters fairy set table fairy set background


Letting Go

I’ve had to let go of a lot in the past year. My entire biological family, my apartment, some “friends”, my beloved cats. I like to think I’ve done it all with grace, but some things aren’t easy. I still can’t think about my cats without getting emotional.

Today was the day that we needed to release baby bunny Niblet back into the wild. Cotton tail bunnies have a survival rate of just 37% no matter how expert you are in taking care of them. But I raised him with love and he got big and chunky, and clearly wanted to run wild like he should. So we found a wonderful place to release him and he seemed happy. I was fine…until I got home and saw the empty cage. I miss rubbing under his little chin.