Honouring Winter

I’m finally beginning to settle into a routine after my move, and am catching up on readings. I am learning to not wait until I “feel spiritual” but instead do them on the fly, having faith that Spirit will speak.

We have already received a blanket of snow, and Willow and I are enjoying this new season greatly. In Winter, the white fields provide a spectacular viewing stage for any wandering deer or coyotes. The best part is the tracking opportunities. We watch for tracks across the road and follow them with flashlights across fields, usually leading to an animal sighting.

Also, there is a fox that lives in the neighbourhood which you can spot running down the sidewalk in the middle of the afternoon!

fox fox2

I’ve gone from sitting on my butt in an office for hours a day to being out raking leaves and helping with repairs. It feels like a homestead and I find I’m loving it more than I expected. I do tend to think I was a Mennonite in a past life or something, since people often assume I am Mennonite because of the way I dress, my headcoverings, and my love of working with my hands, making my own soap and butter and such 🙂

When not working around the house or doing readings, I’m trying to do some freelance editing work. When I left my job I had accumulated 15 years of editing experience, working with all manner of text. I’m getting some work with ebooks and essays, but I thought I’d mention it here in case someone needs help. If you want to check out my services shoot me an email at janicejove@gmail.com.