A Simple Prayer

May I awaken my soul to consciousness. May I increase, this day, my awareness of possibilities.

May I connect to my greater dreaming, my higher self.

May I become the consciousness of my full potential. May I become aware of all things within my life’s touch.

May I give thanks and blessings always, continuously.


Article on Bored Panda

I wrote a little something on Bored Panda — if anyone wants to support me there I’d be ecstatic!


Getting in Touch with Your Higher Self: Imagination

Are you a peacekeeper? Are you highly imaginative, full of dreams and creativity? Do people remark on your calm nature? If so, you are likely naturally connected to your higher self — even if you don’t know it yet!

My own discovery and investigation into the idea of Higher Selves has led me to specific conclusions that not everyone will agree with. My theory attempts to blend spirituality and science seamlessly.

I believe that the soul is identical to the quantum wave function, which contains all possible paths and outcomes that could occur. Your ultimate soul contains all possible  variations, timelines, and universes in which you could exist. This is your highest soul, which I also define as the higher self.

So our souls are really the equivalent of our potentials. How can we connect with our souls, our higher selves, and our best or full potentials? How can we know our higher selves at all when its full potential is infinite and our capacity for knowledge is necessarily limited?

For me, the answer is our imagination. I actually believe that the imagination is defined as a direct sense of potential — a sense that we all have, like vision and hearing. Being a sense of potential, the imagination therefore is our sense of the soul. Our imagination and dreamscapes become our gateways to the soul and our higher selves.

Shamans who journey already know this, albeit perhaps in a different way, the the shamanic journey is the natural tool of the spiritual cosmonaut.  But creative work and dreamwork also puts us in touch with our full potential. Free-association, automatic writing, and unedited art of any kind (like painting without trying to accomplish anything, just laying down colours as they come to you) are all your first-line tools to open your imagination to your infinite potential self.

I’ll be writing more about the Higher Self and what it means, why it’s important, and how you can connect with it in future posts, so stay tuned 🙂

Pagan Clothing

Does anyone else like to express being pagan through their clothes? Show off your styles for me!

My partner makes all my dresses (over thirty so far) and this one in the making is already really special. The bodice features a print that looks like cave paintings and is very symbolic of shamanism to me.


Witchy Weekend: Making Soap!

It’s been a long time since Willow and I made soap, but after a few years we finally ran out. So that means spending a weekend in the kitchen, feeling like a proper hedgewitch!

If you want to start making your own soaps, I would highly recommend putting recipes through the soap calculator here, since even well-known books have recipes that don’t always turn out so good. It can be a little hard at first but soap is fun to make and can be turned into a witchy recipe in a heartbeat, especially through the use of essential oils and even herbs or certain colours.

And don’t think you need expensive soap moulds…we made ours out of a shelf by adding some plastic protector sheeting!


The Frankenpen! Calligraphy for Your Book of Shadows


Whether you want to spice up your journaling or make the most magical book of shadows you can, calligraphy is a fun way to go. It can be intimidating but if you love notebooks and pens, I would encourage you to give it a try.

I’ve found a way to combine an affordable fountain pen with the kind of high-end calligraphy that’s traditionally done by dipping nibs straight into ink. Dip pen calligraphy can be messy and definitely inconvenient, especially when you have to keep dipping after every few letters or words. Meanwhile, fountain pens are lovely but can lack some character. I have loved my Noodler’s Ink Ahab flex pen since I bought it, as it is a sort of happy medium between the two worlds. But look what happens when you put a dip-pen nib (The Brause #76 Rose nib) on the Ahab! The result is a “Frankenpen”, a pen that has been tinkered with to create a unique form and function.

I would definitely recommend this Frankenpen combination to anyone wanting to start out with calligraphy. It’s very affordable but might just be the best pen you’ll ever use.