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I’m going on a spiritual vacation tomorrow and would love to do some work for others while I’m there. Please note that my internet will be limited, so I will only be able to send the full readings when I get back on the 19th.

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Connecting With Your Higher Self

Daily rituals are key for getting in touch with your greater potential. Prayer, vision work, shamanic journeys — all are wonderful means to discover the wisdom and healing that your higher self has to offer.

My understanding of the higher self equates it with the quantum waveform, our full potential across all possibilities and across all possible universes, expressed as a single infinite spirit. It is a singularity of sorts. This being exists the same way light can be both particle and wave. We are the particle, and the higher self is the wave.

Since I also believe that the imagination is a direct sense of potential – a sense like sight and sound – our imagination is a real vehicle for discovering our higher selves.  We can connect with our higher selves simply by envisioning them, and no vision is actually wrong.

With a little discipline in learning meditation or trance-like states of altered consciousness, you can even converse with your higher self to gain wisdom and insight.

This is not quite as esoteric as it sounds! I do employ rattles and occasionally drums to aid in achieving a shamanic state of consciousness, but it is very much like entering a waking dream, and you definitely don’t have to be a shaman to do it. It’s another way of listening and seeing. Done with an open heart, you will find that the insight you receive does not feel like it comes from you — you will know you’re not just making it all up, but that it has deep value.

I have been helping others reach out to their higher selves and when I envision these beings, they are so beautiful they take my breath away and give me hope for humanity. We all have such unbelievable potential.

If you would like help connecting, I do offer readings, healings, and work to connect people with their guides and higher selves here: Shamanic Readings, Healings and Soul Retrievals.


A Simple Prayer

May I awaken my soul to consciousness. May I increase, this day, my awareness of possibilities.

May I connect to my greater dreaming, my higher self.

May I become the consciousness of my full potential. May I become aware of all things within my life’s touch.

May I give thanks and blessings always, continuously.

Getting in Touch with Your Higher Self: Imagination

Are you a peacekeeper? Are you highly imaginative, full of dreams and creativity? Do people remark on your calm nature? If so, you are likely naturally connected to your higher self — even if you don’t know it yet!

My own discovery and investigation into the idea of Higher Selves has led me to specific conclusions that not everyone will agree with. My theory attempts to blend spirituality and science seamlessly.

I believe that the soul is identical to the quantum wave function, which contains all possible paths and outcomes that could occur. Your ultimate soul contains all possible  variations, timelines, and universes in which you could exist. This is your highest soul, which I also define as the higher self.

So our souls are really the equivalent of our potentials. How can we connect with our souls, our higher selves, and our best or full potentials? How can we know our higher selves at all when its full potential is infinite and our capacity for knowledge is necessarily limited?

For me, the answer is our imagination. I actually believe that the imagination is defined as a direct sense of potential — a sense that we all have, like vision and hearing. Being a sense of potential, the imagination therefore is our sense of the soul. Our imagination and dreamscapes become our gateways to the soul and our higher selves.

Shamans who journey already know this, albeit perhaps in a different way, the the shamanic journey is the natural tool of the spiritual cosmonaut.  But creative work and dreamwork also puts us in touch with our full potential. Free-association, automatic writing, and unedited art of any kind (like painting without trying to accomplish anything, just laying down colours as they come to you) are all your first-line tools to open your imagination to your infinite potential self.

I’ll be writing more about the Higher Self and what it means, why it’s important, and how you can connect with it in future posts, so stay tuned 🙂


Ladybug appeared to me as an unexpected helping spirit last night, and when I looked up her meaning, I was delighted to find joy and truths that made much sense for me now!

Ladybug may be a tiny being, but she is full of fortune and gentle grace, denoting good luck and the deep wonder of the universe.

So to honour ladybug I made these little polymer clay versions on bobby pins this morning!

Shamanic Journeying is for Everyone

The greatest stumbling block we face when trying to use our natural spiritual powers is the fear that we are not powerful enough to use them at all.

Shamanic journeying is a prime example. In a shamanic journey, we enter a different consciousness to interact with a different world. It sounds like something only the most disciplined of monks could do, and yet it is so simple. We are ourselves spiritual beings, and the only thing stopping us from entering the spirit world is our own fear or doubt.

Close your eyes, let your mind drift, and ask for a spirit to show you what you need right now, or what your purpose is, or what is missing in your life presently.

Almost immediately a person will start to have an experience, only to doubt it because it seems like they are merely imagining it. We fight our imagination because it feels self-created, and we want a spiritual experience to feel out of our control. In the physical world, things seem to happen to us, so we want spirituality to happen to us as well.

The truth is, everything in life is both completely created in our mind and completely created outside of ourselves. This is the yin yang or yanantin duality that springs from our existence as an instance of being, one half of the greatest duality of all: the instance and the infinite. Both are equally powerful. You, as an instance of being, are as important and powerful as the infinite.

Close your eyes again, and let your mind drift, and speak to spirit. Simply ask for a spirit to visit you. Yes, you are imagining it, but simultaneously it is also completely real and happening. Your imagination is the way you understand the infinite. After all, the infinite contains everything possible — therefore everything you imagine is contained in the infinite.

Sometimes a shamanic journey will feel like a daydream, but if you have faith you will know that any spirit you could possibly imagine is real and exists in the infinite. It’s a paradox; you are dreaming them into being and the infinite is dreaming you into being. Your power IS your imagination. Let it work for you.

How and Why You Should Be a Ghost

In dreams, should I wonder if I am in fact dreaming, I consider the evidence before my senses and conclude that I am very much awake — only to wake up later and realize I was sleeping.

I have also heard that people often cannot interact with their environment as easily in dreams as in wakefulness, although ostensibly everything should seem easy in a dream. After all, in dreams we can fly or do all manner of impossible things, right? Yet I experience a lot of strange difficulties. I can never hit the right keys if I’m typing or tying to make a phone call within a dream. I keep trying and failing, aware that I’m not able to do it right. Why is this? If my dream-body is walking around in a dream-world completely of my own imagination, why should I encounter any difficulty?  Why doesn’t my brain just dream-imagine myself hitting the right keys?

If I were to take only my own experiences of dreaming as the entire scope of evidence on the subject, as if no one had ever explained dreams to me before, I would think that they were journeys taken by my spirit to other spacetimes. I mean other realities that are very much real to those that live in them, as real as this reality is to us.

This theory means that in these dream-journeys, I am literally a ghost. This is why it is difficult to physically interact with the environment in a dream. This is why my brain insists that I am awake, really experiencing what I’m experiencing, when I am dreaming.

So maybe what I call the spirit realm is also a physical place that I merely haunt as a ghost.

Which leads me to an interesting idea: in order to be a better person, one must learn to be a better ghost. If you have ever gone on a shamanic journey, you will understand that spirit-walking is a very real experience and a powerful tool towards living a better life both physically and spiritually. But spiritual people are often humble, seeing themselves as students always, when really we are all both students and teachers simultaneously. We crave the teachings from our spirit guides — but remember, we can ourselves be ghosts. We can be spirit guides right now.

Instead of always looking for answers in the spirit world, ask how to be a teacher. In a shamanic journey, ask to be taken to someone who needs YOUR advice. I don’t mean that you should try to give advice in the regular reality, standing firmly in your physical skin, but to do so as a ghost — a spirit, an angel, a guide — and haunt other times and places, offering compassionate help.  Let your spirit guides train you to be a spirit guide — it’s probably the best thing they know how to teach, after all.

Consider the healing possibilities you can provide. Remember that shamanic journeying and other forms of spirit-walking (including dreams) are beyond time and place. You can go back in time and give advice to a younger version of yourself. If you have a specific healing mission in mind, let your spirit guides know your intentions and ask for help to be a better spirit guide yourself.

Learn how to haunt yourself in the past and future. Learn how to reach out to your suffering child-self, or troubled adolescent-self, the way your spirit guides reach out to you now. Give them your love, support, hope, magic, and insights.

You can do this for other people too (if they give you permission). There are likely limitless applications of this idea that I have not yet thought of. I am still testing this theory of mine…still taking the first baby-steps towards training as a spirit guide. As I am passionate about this, I hope to embark on helping others to heal through this method.