Being a Multiple

I identify as a multiple, who is not suffering from dissociative identity disorder, but thriving with it. DID is a mental strategy to survive, and once freed from that survival situation, a multiple has near superhuman capabilities at her/his beck and call.

I have been trying to find a way to express my system, my parts, the essence and the variety of who we are. I think the best thing I can share right now is my Pinterest page…which is like a collage of our personalities. We create separate boards for our parts (not all our parts, but a good few), and each voice and flavour can be seen at a glance.

My Pinterest is here if you would like to see what I mean!



3 thoughts on “Being a Multiple

  1. I wonder if you’ve seen the movie Split?, which is about DID. After the experiences I mentioned in my comment on your About page, I saw this movie and it really opened my eyes to the idea that multiples are, indeed, extra-ordinary human beings. During the experience of non-ordinary states of consciousness I mentioned in that comment as well, I was perceiving what I can only call doppelgangers: three dimensional, five-sense manifestations of the cultural archetypes that inform each of our personalities ~ to this day I still don’t know whether the “real” people around me at the time were able to see these doppelgangers, but they were as real to me as any other person I’ve met. There was one guy in particular who seemed to be a projection of some aspect of myself. It was all very strange, but wonderful. I’m curious to know what you think of the movie Split. It’s a movie that seems to point at an awakening around how we perceive people who were once pathologised by the psychiatric industry.

    1. I didn’t look into the movie as I assumed it was a typical thriller depiction of a “psychotic” person. Also I’m fairly in control of my DID and don’t actually dissociate a lot anymore, so I didn’t think I’d relate to someone who’s totally out of control. Was Split really better than I assumed it would be? Your experience with the doppelgangers is very interesting. I’d have lots of ideas about what that could be. “Strange, but wonderful” indeed!

      1. The movie was really a lot more than what I expected ~ the therapist character was especially inspiring, because she really champions the idea (on a public stage / conference in the movie) that her patient(s) are extra-ordinary, not necessarily pathological. I saw this movie almost by accident very soon after my second major spiritual emergency, and it really opened my eyes to the probability that something *extra* had been engaged within, not that something had *broken*. I’d really like to hear your ideas about doppelgangers.

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