Hour Glass for Breath Work

I often speak of my meditation-prayer, which is just to inhale thinking “Thank you” and exhale thinking “Bless you”. It is a simple thing, but how much energy you can pack into it and expand upon the practice is nearly infinite.

Since I love making spiritual tools, or pretty art pieces that have some function, I came up with the idea of a breath work “hour glass” — a rattle that you can use to help you breathe slowly and deeply for meditation. The motion of turning the rattle with each breath also helps if you need a little more stimulation during meditation and don’t like to keep completely still!

This my first prototype:



New Rattle

I love my re-constructed rattle, made with a fluorite from Muzquiz, Mexico. The fluorite and the fossil shell both represent fractals to me, and the whole thing is dedicated to my higher spirit Uvanga.

Starseed Rattle

I made myself a necklace with a rawhide rattle and a gorgeous “garden quartz” (it has green inclusions that look like a garden within it!). I’m calling this piece The Starseed.

I can custom-make similar pieces, so if you’re interested please contact me on Etsy! https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/HonoringWilderness


What’s in My Spiritual Toolkit?

I love to create spiritual items that resonate with power and meaning, and I also love peeking at other people’s altars and medicine bags on Pinterest. So now I’d like to share a few items that lie in my own spiritual toolkit.

First is my carrying bag, made with deerskin, a coyote face pelt, a compass, and other charms.


Next is one of my favourite rattles, which has green apatite that I found myself, freshly dug from the earth, as well as labradorite, antler, and coyote fur. I prefer rattles over drums and they suit my quiet nature, as well as being more convenient to carry.


Next is a tool I devised myself, though the concept behind it is ancient. It is a “soul catcher” for use in shamanic soul retrievals. In a soul retrieval, a soul fragment may briefly be captured in a crystal or some other vessel before being sent back to unity in the soul from which it came.


Then there is a bottle of my homemade incense, a rich and heady scent, and a little rawhide bottle I made to carry some teeth and claws of power animals.


Next is my “prayer stick”. It just has good energy!


This last object is very special to me. It is a representation of one of my inner child soul parts, but I carry it not as a reminder to be kind to myself, but a reminder that I AM good to my soul parts.  The sculpt is in polymer clay and not one of my best, but I adore it anyway.



So that’s some of my spiritual items that are near and dear to me. Please feel free to share yours with me!