Ceremonial and Healing Tools

I love seeing other people’s ritual tools and could look at photos of them on Pinterest all day. Please share yours! ❤

These are some of my favourites that I’ve made and use regularly. I like rattles and crystals and wands and other little mementos from nature 🙂

my tools


Autumnal Empress Doll

I hand-sculpted this doll’s face in polymer clay, then wrapped her in fabric and decorated her with autumnal elements like leaves, an acorn, and an antler.

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My Mesa (non-traditional)

My mesa (based on Andean travelling altars) is a sacred pouch containing various power objects. Most of them are stones, and I’ve come to meet the spirits of each and discover their gifts. Each stone can be used for diagnosing or outright healing. For instance, the egg-shape at the back/top is opalized glass (pretty sure it’s not real opal), and it helps draw the refined light energy of the universe down to me. Meanwhile the fossilized shell in the first/bottom row is like a fine-toothed energy comb for sifting through the human complications and “sorting myself out.” The white smooth stone with the little swirl is a tremendously powerful yet gentle stone for drawing heavy energy out of me. Meanwhile the bloodstone is good for healing physical ailments. All these correspondences are original to the particular spirit of the stone, and I spent time holding each in my hands to ascertain them.

When working with sacred objects, remember that they have spirits too, and it’s this spirit of the object that you really want to work with.

Shamanic Tools: the Rattle

Shamanic practice typically employs a sound-maker such as a drum or a rattle to create a rhythm that guides the practitioner into a trance or altered state of consciousness. I have a drum that I treasure, but being in a situation where drumming is too noisy, I prefer using the rattle. I make my own with rawhide, deer antlers, and crystals.

The noise of the rattle is gentle, like rain or the rustling of trees, but surprisingly powerful. A steady beat transports me into trance and the Otherworld. It is said that the human brain responds to certain wavelengths of sound in very specific ways, and you can practice with the rattle to find the beat that best puts you into an altered state of consciousness.

Like any sacred object, the rattle can be made to carry symbolism that ties the practitioner to spirit. The rattle becomes a friend with a spirit of its own, and is cared for with reverence.

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Crafting for Camping, Part Two!

Willow and I are getting our butts to Algonquin, our favourite spiritual place, so I’m going to advertise a few of my creations to help us get there.

Here’s another rattle that didn’t make it into yesterday’s post. The deer antler that it’s made from is really interesting and beautiful. It has a gorgeous flourite crystal too.

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Next is a leather bear spirit pouch, with handmade charms representing bear, and a bear paw print in leather.

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Finally, I’d like to showcase this spirit of nature doll!

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More on Flying Ointments

I have refined my ointment-making skills, now that I have proper ingredients like grapeseed oil and beeswax. My wife came home with belladonna a week ago and I’ve been playing with it (carefully) ever since! I’ve also found that passion flower does nice things for me, which was unexpected, and the result is almost a spiritual ADHD remedy. I’ve been making mystical lip balm as well, with milder but still potent herbs.

Here’s a small jar of flying ointment I made for a friend:


Here is some ‘mystic’ lip balm and ointment: