Meeting Beautiful Animals in Algonquin Paradise

I cannot express just how beautiful this trip to Algonquin Park was! So I’ll let my photos do the talking.


Spirit on Our Algonquin Journey

We made it home safely from another trip to Algonquin Park. This time was very different and full of surprises. Unbeknownst to us, the park was undergoing serious construction on the only road that crosses it (Highway 60). Naturally the park doesn’t warn its visitors of this, but it was a real pain due to single-lane delays. Since our favourite activity is driving up and down the highway looking for animals to photograph, we decided that spirit and the universe were trying to tell us to try new things. Luckily the wonderful ladies at our little motel told us of a very secluded road in Whitney, where we were staying. It was a real treat – technically part of it is in Algonquin, and during the roughly 6 hours we spent there throughout the trip, we only ever saw one person near the beginning of the road. So it was like a private Algonquin just for us.

Not only that, but the road was absolutely full of bear poop, wolf tracks, moose tracks, turtles, frogs, and other wildlife. It also had some of the best views we’ve ever seen. When we went up at night we saw two moose and I nearly cried, as it all seemed so spiritually right. The next day we went back, saw the moose again, and we were able to get a photography session in too.

hydroline moosehydroline moose2snowshoe harehaycreek hawk

During this trip I gained new spirit guides and learned to have such faith in things turning out for the best. It was absolutely lovely.

Three Sleeps to Algonquin Park!

We’re headed to Algonquin Park again and the excitement is high. We’ve timed this trip to hopefully see the bears in the blueberry patch again. I’m praying and sending out energy for many magical animal encounters.

A Lesson Learned

I didn’t tell the whole story of how the fox got in my car, and why it stole our tobacco, as I was a bit fried when I got home. But it was a lesson for Willow I’d like to share.

We were going down Arowhan, one of our favourite places, when we stopped by the old fox den. Supposedly it had been removed/disturbed and the foxes had vacated some time ago. The father fox is very old, about 10-12 years, which is unheard of for wild foxes. But he’s clearly wise to the ways of people and makes a good living befriending visitors! I believe I’ve encountered him a few years ago.

Despite seeing no evidence of foxes, we stopped and I gave a blessing with my rattle and sprinkled herbs from my rawhide bottle. As I prayed, Willow walked into the trees. She was going to leave some tobacco too, but decided she didn’t need to.

Then she called to me, and I followed the sound of her  voice, utterly astonished to see a fox sitting right beside her! It was the father fox, I’m pretty sure. He came right up to me.


Then, we watched him wander over to the car…where I’d left the doors open! Clearly a seasoned thief, he jumped right in and helped himself.


Then…he stole a whole bag of cigarettes! We believe he was telling Willow to take the time to give tobacco blessings. Well, a big blessing was given that day, because we followed him and his kits around but never recovered the tobacco.


The foxes were sweet and played with us, leading us around and stopping for us to catch up. What a wonderful moment, just sitting on a log surrounded by three or four of them!




Algonquin Blessings


I have no adequate words to express how blessed I have been. We had an amazing, magical time in Algonquin, full of awe-inspiring encounters with wildlife. We drove and drove and I prayed, May my wild spirit brethren come! and come they did. We heard wolves howl, fed the grey jays by hand, and came so close to gorgeous moose, one with the most expressive, sweet expression.


We also came across a family of foxes who were WAY too friendly. We’d left the car doors open…so one hopped in, and before we could stop it, he stole a bag of cigarettes! Willow gave chase, but they were teasing and playing with us and we never got them back.


Willow and I gave blessings and great thanks. It really was everything we could have wanted, and more.