Another Algonquin Adventure!

We just got back from another amazing trip to Algonquin Park. We saw another great grey owl, lots of moose, beavers, loons, a pine marten, an American bittern, and more!

We run a facebook group called Loving Algonquin Park and our rare Canadian blue dwarf dragon, Poo! Poo is more than just a mascot, he’s a little dragon with a huge personality. You can see a bit about him in our silly video (I created the “music”). It was funny because we’ve decorated the car so people know they can come talk to us and meet Poo ❤


Moose16Story Sunetbeaver1Bittern3Bittern4GreatGreyOwl2GreatGreyOwl3Loon2Moose3Moose7


Poo’s AMAZING Theme Song

I made a theme song for Poo! (In Studio One, with loops, duck noises, and vocals). I cannot explain it, but it features his favourite lyrics, with help from the kids, and expresses his FABULOUS, UNIQUE personality!

(If you like strangely catchy bizarre and random things, this is for you!)

Poo’s Guide to Wildlife Viewing in Algonquin Park

Poo, our special dragon, is now a published author! I’m so proud of him (and Willow). He is always happy to support Algonquin Outfitters!