Spirit on Our Algonquin Journey

We made it home safely from another trip to Algonquin Park. This time was very different and full of surprises. Unbeknownst to us, the park was undergoing serious construction on the only road that crosses it (Highway 60). Naturally the park doesn’t warn its visitors of this, but it was a real pain due to single-lane delays. Since our favourite activity is driving up and down the highway looking for animals to photograph, we decided that spirit and the universe were trying to tell us to try new things. Luckily the wonderful ladies at our little motel told us of a very secluded road in Whitney, where we were staying. It was a real treat – technically part of it is in Algonquin, and during the roughly 6 hours we spent there throughout the trip, we only ever saw one person near the beginning of the road. So it was like a private Algonquin just for us.

Not only that, but the road was absolutely full of bear poop, wolf tracks, moose tracks, turtles, frogs, and other wildlife. It also had some of the best views we’ve ever seen. When we went up at night we saw two moose and I nearly cried, as it all seemed so spiritually right. The next day we went back, saw the moose again, and we were able to get a photography session in too.

hydroline moosehydroline moose2snowshoe harehaycreek hawk

During this trip I gained new spirit guides and learned to have such faith in things turning out for the best. It was absolutely lovely.

Three Sleeps to Algonquin Park!

We’re headed to Algonquin Park again and the excitement is high. We’ve timed this trip to hopefully see the bears in the blueberry patch again. I’m praying and sending out energy for many magical animal encounters.

Art is Subjective

I’ve had some facebook comments remarking on the expense of my needle felting work. I get it, because art is subjective and stuffed toys at Walmart are cheap (but still pretty cute!). Also, I think needle felting is a bit of a mystery to many people. I don’t even know how to properly explain what I do. It takes days of solid work. Basically, I turn this:


Into this:


Using only a couple barbed needles:


The rest is imagination and skill and patience.

I’ve seen similar needle felted giraffes go for $500 or even $1000. I try to keep my prices as low as possible while still reflecting the art involved. I don’t believe in charging for my time, but I do price according to quality. It’s a big world and art isn’t for everyone — and the stuffed toys at Walmart ARE fabulous if that’s what you’re after!

But don’t come at the artists too harshly. The world needs us too!

My Etsy shop is here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/HonoringWilderness

Needle Felted Giraffe Commission

I just finished this felted giraffe! Is anyone else watching April at the Animal Adventure Park’s Giraffe Live Cam?

I am open to making more. Please visit my Etsy here:


Or email me at abbawillow@gmail.com.