Yanantin: Sami and Hucha

My most basic knowledge of the cosmos, the entirety of the infinite being-ness, is that it is a neutral force.  It is neither wholly good nor wholly bad, as these concepts themselves are abstractions from the yin-yang relationship unity. They are complementary opposites that do not exist apart from each other. This is the Andean teaching of yanantin.

To be at peace with the idea that the infinite cosmic force is ultimately neutral is to let go of our desire to be saved without effort. We move from a place of asking for blessings to asking for balance, which is the wiser and fuller gift. As spirit-workers, we face a reality of existing in-between the everything and the nothing, the physical and the spiritual, the perfect and the imperfect. It is a complexity and a simplicity all at once. It forces the mind to never lie still, but to balance with constant intention and yogic discipline.

The Andeans see energy as being either sami or hucha. Sami is refined, light, and easy. It is ever-flowing from the cosmos and Pachamama (our mother earth). Hucha is heavy and disordered. Humans create hucha, primarily by being highly instanced selves, pieces of consciousness that are not properly merged into the wholeness of existence. The more you are a self, the less you are the infinite. However hucha is not bad or evil – it is a gift you can feed to Pachamama, who digests our human-life drama and offers sami in return.

Each of us is infinitely meaningful and infinitely meaningless.  We are self and other, we are momentary and eternal. To understand this is not always easy, but it puts all overly-complicated questions to rest. Why is there something rather than nothing? Because there is Everything and Nothing, where the potential of nothingness gives way to the dreaming of Everything into existence. Everything happens. This is sami: everything happens. The “somethingness” of human life is an instance of the everything, and this is hucha.

You can teach yourself to let go of hucha, pushing it down to Pachamama, and draw sami energy into the crown of your head. It feels wonderful and helps you gently fall into perfect balance with your environment.


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