Living Story

Truth, that binary star

co-dependent on antipodal pull,

wars without armistice for absolutes,

leaving everything hanging


and infinitely meaningful

and infinitely meaningless.


Living a truly authentic life means understanding the very nature of truth.

Truth is always rooted in the larger context of story. I believe every truth has at least one alternate “retrograde perspective” that is equally valid. I believe that you can equally stroll across the Earth or walk by turning the Earth with your feet. I believe that you can equally either ride the flow of time’s river from present to future, or stay motionless and pull the future past your mind’s eye.


I stayed still and

pulled the future back

against me

at the speed of light

to let its moments stroke

past my brain

as the present time.


The more aware and honest we are that ultimate truth is contextual, the same way that water’s “perspective” changes from gas to liquid to solid based on the context of temperature, the more empowered and free we are. We can be the most deeply insightful only by understanding how a variety of contexts and perspectives entwine together, overlapping and departing while telling their stories, everything contradicting everything else, but each tale still true and perfect in itself.


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