Spiritual Crisis

Recently I fell into a depression, to the point of being suicidal. I would like to reach out to those that have emailed me and apologize for my absence. I need some time to catch up, so please be patient just a little longer and I’ll write as soon as I can.

I have come out of this crisis, fully and completely, but when this happens to me I know that a big transformation is needed in my life. These phases are lessons — brutal as they may be, I always come out of them with renewed vigour and deep gratitude.

If you are experiencing a physical or mental health issue that seems to defy all reason and doesn’t respond to modern medicine, know that spirit may be calling you towards a course correction in your life. Often the answer is to change your perspective in a big way — even a paradigm shift — and commit with passion to express your soul’s unique set of gifts.

For me, a spirit guide brought me to a pit of water from which there was no easy escape. The first way out that I came up with involved waiting for the water to rise high enough so I could climb out. But the better answer was to use my shamanic skills and shapeshift into a bird, and simply fly away.

Shapeshifting is exactly what I need right now, and I think it is often the answer to our spiritual problems. Growth, change, and transformation can happen in a beautiful explosion when we are desperately pushed.



5 thoughts on “Spiritual Crisis

  1. Hi story I’m very happy to hear ure feeling a lot better I do know how debilitating depression is as I had it for 18 yrs that combined with paranoid schizophrenia I was a volatile combination and faced suicidal thoughts day in day out and could only fight the horrendous feelings and thoughts with studying all I could about the occult as previously I have discussed with u the thing I learnt was from my marshal arts training motto was indomable spirit and perseverance they got me thru when suicide got close and my determination not to let evil spirits to get the better of me it was the fight of my life no retreat no surrender I fought every waking moment to the point it’s easy to keep whatever was nagging at me quite with the help u and spirit gave has made my mind so quite now u deserve to be healed from those terrible overwhelming emotions i wish u all the best a hope u never lose faith in ure self and u abilities

  2. Thanks for your honest sharing, Story. I, too, often experience the same and agree with you that these are often calls – or can be used as calls – to develop skills beyond our current ones. Keeping on ~

  3. I really appreciate your sharing. I’ve suffered from depression too and have come to see it as a profound teacher. I don’t know if you’re into this kind of thing, but I’m giving free tarot readings on my blog now. If you feel it could be helpful, come on over.

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