Needle Felted Opossum

I just finished this needle felted opossum — he’s life sized at about two feet long! This is an art piece and he’s on my Etsy here:


Meditation Tool for Energy Work

I made this rawhide rattle with amethyst crystal points. It’s for directing energy, like a wand, but is also shaped to help me see energy flowing. I like it because it kind of looks like it does something, like a Star Trek prop.

Today’s Progress

Today Willow took me to a surplus store where I got this awesome powerful little magnifying glass on a necklace chain, so I can read labels and stuff when I’m in a store or on the go. It’s actually pretty and borderline steampunk! Then we picked up a freestanding magnifier with a flexible neck that Willow attached to a board so I can see what I’m crafting a little better. I feel really awesome right now; even if this doesn’t get better, even if I’m technically legally blind, I’m not letting it get me down.

And I made little mushroom earrings with quartz crystal stems today!

Visually Impaired Arts!

So today I decided to test out my crafting abilities although my vision has not improved. I made these little clay mushrooms with crystal stems! With the help of a magnifying glass, it wasn’t too bad, though I’m not sure how much fine detail I can do yet.

Willow’s been amazing, spending her time helping me make my computer and even our World of Warcraft game as accessible for me as possible ❤  With her at my side I can’t help but feel positive, no matter the outcome.