Celebrate Yourself

Today, I am celebrating Me, my authentic being — my soul.

I am an artist. I sculpt in clay and wool, bringing what beauty I see in nature alive.

I bring my spirit to life in rattles for meditation: I create art to find the soul within.

I write poetry to express the beauty I see.

noodle and grey jay 4

I create music that lifts my spirit and excites my soul.

I seek to share my philosophy of life and what truths seem evident to me, hoping to help others.

“Changing the world is an inside job. The only thing holding you back is your perspective.” — https://dreamcraftlife.wordpress.com/

I connect with animals.



I believe in being a gentle goddess.


And so today, I celebrate myself.

Tell me about your soul, tell me the things you do, the things that make you so beautiful. Don’t be shy. Celebrate yourself with me here.



Music: A Soul Walk Through Tuva

Take a moment to enjoy a shamanic soul journey.

I created this meditation soundscape with the amazing synthesizer, the MicroKORG, and added in some effects through the sound editor Audacity. I feel it represents a soul journey through Tuva, as I have included my own attempts at Tuvan throat singing (modified electronically) and a Tuvan drum beat as well.

Please enjoy and tell me what you think!


Making Music

I was generously gifted a MicroKORG synthesizer, and Willow got me the proper set up for connecting it to the computer. Now it’s like I have a mini music studio! I used the free software Audacity to edit layers of me playing the synthesizer as well as adding effects, and although it’s only a minute long, I kinda like the end result. I’d describe this first song as being “post rock electronica” (whatever that means).

Listen to it here and tell me what you think:

Dreamcraft: a New Journey

I have had this blog for many years now, but I may not write here often any longer. I have started a new blog which documents the ideas I have discovered to be my own heart’s truth. My authentic belief that does not need faith in the traditional sense: there are no doubts, although questions are what keep it alive.

If you’d like to continue with me on my new journey, please check out my new site: