Schrodinger’s Cat

Schrodinger, tired of his colleagues’ jokes, was known to hiss vehemently that he hated cats.

The truth is, he simply had never had one. He had a wife and a mistress under the same roof, though, and for years he thought that was enough.

He was a bit of a stray himself, which is probably why he yielded when Milton came round to his door. The thing was skinny and reeking, so Schrodinger took him in and shared bits of his toast at the breakfast table. His wife and mistress made quick work of cleaning Milton up and no one scratched anybody, and things were as normal as ever.

Of course it made the jokes louder. At least he was in on it now, he told himself.

But he’d never had a cat, and this one, he thought, was a very conscious observer. Whenever Schrodinger’s gaze lifted from his eggs, even for a moment, he’d return to find less on his plate than before, and Milton was always watching him.

He told his mistress one morning that cats could not be suspended in waveforms of possibility. Milton, surely, would know his own fate and thus be the first observer — physicists be damned. His mistress frowned, made him tea, and told him he was thinking too much again.

Maybe he was. But it made him happy, he thought, as Milton purred half-asleep on his lap.

And that was more than enough.


Fountain Pen Geekery!

I’m a fountain pen geek, so I did some tinkering on my Noodler’s Ahab flex pen. The “flex” is super stiff, not like a proper dip nib used for calligraphy. It also had a typical fountain pen “ball end” on the tip, to make writing smoother. I really like dip pens, but wanted something more in-between for daily use. So I proved I’m not a complete idiot with power tools by grinding out little curves in the steel nib body. These curves make the nib flex much, much easier — before, I had to apply an awkward amount of pressure to get any line variation. I sharpened up the nib tip a bit, because I don’t mind “scratchy” pens if they give me a thinner line. Then I widened the ebonite ink channel to promote better ink flow. I’m really happy with the results! It might not look like a big difference but it feels wonderful to use.