Free Shamanic Readings

Spirit has gifted me with a desire to do more shamanic readings, and so I have decided to offer free readings for two individuals a week on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please comment below if you would like a reading and when it’s your turn I’ll ask you to email me your questions or concerns.

What is a shamanic reading? In my readings I utilize shamanic journeys, which are trance-like states in which a practitioner confers with Spirit in order to receive wisdom, answers, and healing. All my readings are wildly different as they are focused on the person I am reading for. A reading may reveal an animal spirit guide, or a deceased relative’s advice. You might get a description of your own Higher Self and his/her message for you, or a glimpse into a past life and wisdom about how it affects your present circumstances. A reading may indicate a need for healing. If Spirit indicates that healing (such as a soul retrieval or other energy work) is necessary, I will ask your permission and complete this healing for free as well.

You do not have to be of any path or faith to write to me. I will try to converse with you on your level and I respect all compassionate faiths.

When you email me privately you can tell me as much or as little as you like, and it will all stay confidential. The one thing I absolutely need is simply a question or issue you’d like me to journey about.

So again, comment on this post to reserve a free reading! Remember, I can only promise two a week so please be patient.

*Edit*: Please be aware that comments on this post are not private — so I will give you my email address when it’s your turn.


46 thoughts on “Free Shamanic Readings

  1. Thank you for offering free sessions, especially for those who cannot afford one. I am in need of a reading and would love to meet with you! This would be my first one 🙂

  2. I would also really appreciate a reading, thanks for this delightful offer. I’m just beginning to practise journeying myself, so I’m very curious about the whole thing. I look forward to following your blog.

  3. hello i would really need a healing and a shamanic by myself but i was misguided by a spiritual i find myself in the wrong scenario and im disconnected to my spirits..i need to find back to myself my path and energy..i would love to find back..its very important ..please contact me as soon as possible..thank you

  4. Hi there! I am super appreciative of your offer and very interested in getting a reading from you. At this point in my life, I am looking for some spiritual guidance. Also, I am 30 year old single mom that would greatly benefit from the reading. Please let me kno if it would be okay to email you. Thank you kindly for the consideration! Blessings

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