Many Lives, Many Names

I have many names.

After I wake my wife in the morning, I tell her what is going on in my head, and I tell her who is out speaking to her.┬áSometimes it is Story, sometimes Kai, sometimes Angela or Kodiak. Or perhaps it is one of the kids — it might be Bobby, or Kassie, or Woo.

We are all different.

And I believe I have back-lives too, lives-once-lived. I have seen Mongolia, I have been Inuit. I have followed a Mennonite creed. I have been a hunter, a mother, a spirit-talker.

The richness of these lives — these persons, these souls — flows like a river in the Spring floods. I am either everyone, or I am a leaf lost in between the ripples and carried along wildly. There is hardly time to follow this pulling everywhere it wants to go. But I feel best when I attend to the whispered urges and pay them respect.

I grow weak when I do not pay attention. In these times, I am wounded and bleed Spirit from me. But to heal I have only to listen and dream, and honour the dreaming.



Cheering Up With Crafts

I was feeling kind of down, so I did some crafting to cheer up!

Here’s a tiny pride bottle with a blue bird and rainbow:

20150716_194806 20150716_194816

Here’s a pride ring with a cloud and rainbow:



And here are two rings featuring bunches of roses!

20150716_194903 20150716_194926 20150716_194833 20150716_194830