Cultivating a Soul Retrieval Practice



Some shamans use a “soul catcher” to hold the lost soul part they have found in the spirit realm, although they have already asked that part to return to the person it came from. It is symbolic, as all spiritual actions are, but is it necessary for the soul retrieval to work? Does a spirit need to be contained in a physical object (such as a crystal) when returning from the spirit realm to join their whole soul?

One line of thought I’ve had is that this temporary containment of spirit is symbolic of bringing the spirit from existing entirely in the spirit realm, to connecting it back to the physical realm. When the soul part is given back to the person who lost it, that soul part will again be participating in physical reality as it will exist integrated within that person, experiencing their daily struggles.

Soul parts often need to be encouraged and even coaxed (but not forced) back to their human life, existing with the rest of their whole self. Since pain and/or trauma in the physical realm cause them to break away in the first place, it can be frightening to consider returning.

With this in mind, I have re-created a sacred altar for my desk (it is small due to the limits of my current living situation) and I am creating another, more elaborate sacred space in the spirit realm. Having both a physical and a spirit-realm space may help bridge the gap between the two worlds. Instead of employing a soul-catching device, I have made a dedicated space for soul retrieval work, a place I will invite lost soul parts to visit during their journey from the spirit realm, while heading towards integration in their whole personhood. There are several wonderful objects and photos in this space that may comfort, delight, or simply remind the soul part that sacredness exists in the physical world too; that the physical and spiritual worlds are in fact the same place, just seen through different angles.


10 thoughts on “Cultivating a Soul Retrieval Practice

  1. I think it’s a noble work you do to dedicate this sacred space for the lost parts of souls. This topic brings up other questions for me.. Does the person who was traumatised and lost a piece of their soul, in fact know that their missing a piece of it? Is it possible to centre work on specific traumatised individuals whom one may suspect of having this condition to bring the missing soul part back, so as to integrate into them again? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the good question! That’s what my shamanic practice is about — not esoterically helping lost souls in general, but working with people who come to me for healing. Most often people have a sense of loss, which is why they contact me, and together we work on their soul retrieval healing. I specialize in abuse survivors and those struggling with mental health issues, and these people are often very aware that they are missing part of themselves, even if they didn’t think of it in those terms before.

  2. I agree with you totally I have a sacred space I created in the spirit world I found somewhere totally silent and placed my heart in it so the only things that can enter are truly true to my heart

    1. That’s excellent — I’m impressed with all the work you’ve done that you shared with me. I’m thinking about you and keeping you close with spirit and will be in touch soon! Many blessings.

      1. Thx to u and u sharing what u’ve been thru I’ve had a similar tale as u as far as the tramas goes I was hit in the groin by lightning in 2009 I nearly died heaps of times and had so many near death experiences if it wasn’t for my dog woody I would never made it thru i ended up homeless Stu in a town where the temperature reached 45 DHS every day for 3 months no medication living under a bridge to keep out of the sun I had so many visions that have come to pass these dangerous weather patterns and terrier attacks keep coming to me as the un holist of holy wars ISIS started I call them the beast as for told in the Bible I’ve been working really hard to free my trapped soul and get true peace of my kind regards and blessings to u story ure a wonderful person

      2. Interestingly I had a premonition before the Boston Marathon bombing that something big was going to happened, and being a bit ungrounded I emailed everyone I knew to watch out. It seems like we are being warned about the big world events of terrorism and war — the question is, what can we do?

        Also, my partner and rescuer was given the nickname Woofy by my inner children several years, just like your beloved dog! Synchronicity abounds.

      3. I also got a lot of answers thru astrology and numerology the basics were surprisingly close i was just wondering if u could ask spirit about the number 73 and it’s continued to be dominate in my life since 2001 thx Story😃

  3. I had a funny thing happen when I wake at 4am this morning as I woke something poped of my rib and I felt relief but it’s still sore but il get over it I sensed it was something that can’t harm me anymore.p s my my Nick name is Hilly but u can call me what ya choose.

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