Spiritual Symbols in Practice


I love quartz in all its forms, so when my beloved Willow treated me to a trip to the crystal shop, I was most drawn to the 1/2lb bag of quartz with inclusions. I made several into rings (simply by gluing them to blanks) and I am already in love with them. These stones tell stories and my own imagination can create all sorts of meanings that they can represent. This is how I work with spiritual or sacred objects in the physical world — they are symbols, and their sacred nature is something that I bestow upon them, or at least participate in creating.

My partner Willow shellacs deer and moose scat to make keychains. This is no different. Anything can become sacred when we believe it to be so. In fact, the more we are open to seeing the extraordinary in what appears plain, the more we are opening our inner door to the spiritual realm.


4 thoughts on “Spiritual Symbols in Practice

  1. Years ago I came across the most fab crystals….I have not been a big crystal person, but the ones I saw had an amazing feel to them. They are called Herkimer diamonds. They are a carbon rich quartz as I recall and are named after the area in which they are found, which is, if I remember correctly, in PA. Look them up. The ones I saw were small, so I’m unsure if they form in larger shapes.

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