Three Sleeps to Algonquin Park!

We’re headed to Algonquin Park again and the excitement is high. We’ve timed this trip to hopefully see the bears in the blueberry patch again. I’m praying and sending out energy for many magical animal encounters.

Acorn Essential Oil Diffusers

These little needle felted acorns are made with a real acorn top (just pay a visit to your nearest oak tree and ask politely — you’ll find some!) and optional jewelry findings. Add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil on the felt and put this little charm on a bracelet, a necklace, in your purse, on your desk, in your car…the possibilities are endless. The essential oil will diffuse and bless you all day.


Honouring Nature with Accessories

One of the things I love about needle felting is you can quickly freehand anything you can imagine — whereas with knitting you’d need to follow a complicated pattern and it would take considerably longer. Needle felting really lets you run wild with your imagination!

So this cute acorn is actually a little bag/purse! I’ll probably put some crystals in it to carry with me. I love it so much I will surely make more, in different sizes. It would make such a cute amulet bag necklace.

You can order one made just for you on my Etsy shop:


And here’s a quick leather cuff I made, with a leather feather and deer antler.



And if you love essential oils, you can needle felt little wool balls, apply a few drops of your favourite scent, and attach them to anything you like (I have one on a charm bracelet). They will diffuse the oil beautifully all day.