Art-Crafting is My Happy Place

I made a bunch of polymer clay nature-themed rings, some with crystals.



Meeting Beautiful Animals in Algonquin Paradise

I cannot express just how beautiful this trip to Algonquin Park was! So I’ll let my photos do the talking.

Nature in my Backyard

Nature is the most practical metaphysicist. Every morning I sit outside, quietly observing. Today I was awe-struck by a multitude of interesting things happening in my backyard, all speaking to the complexity and yet deep practicality of nature.

I feed the squirrels, chipmunks, and blue jays – they all know me and approach me in different ways. My town is a nice, clean and quiet place, but also known for a high rat population (apparently some junkyard was disturbed and dispersed them). Having had several pet rats in my life, I enjoy watching them dig up worms and eat from the feed pile. We leave out simple deer feed that attracts just about every animal around. Today the baby rats were out as they are just getting big enough to romp beyond the nest. Then I saw a squirrel carrying its fairly small baby back to its tree – it’s odd for October, in Canada, to have such a late litter. I’ve noticed evidence of second or even third litters happening here this year.

Other things caught my interest — we had good winds last night and a huge branch has fallen off our maple tree. Doves were walking along the ground with their wings outstretched. There has been a hatch of little midge-like insects – again, a little odd for October.

But nature is clever. She knows.


Today’s Progress

Today Willow took me to a surplus store where I got this awesome powerful little magnifying glass on a necklace chain, so I can read labels and stuff when I’m in a store or on the go. It’s actually pretty and borderline steampunk! Then we picked up a freestanding magnifier with a flexible neck that Willow attached to a board so I can see what I’m crafting a little better. I feel really awesome right now; even if this doesn’t get better, even if I’m technically legally blind, I’m not letting it get me down.

And I made little mushroom earrings with quartz crystal stems today!

Three Sleeps to Algonquin Park!

We’re headed to Algonquin Park again and the excitement is high. We’ve timed this trip to hopefully see the bears in the blueberry patch again. I’m praying and sending out energy for many magical animal encounters.