Meditation Tool for Energy Work

I made this rawhide rattle with amethyst crystal points. It’s for directing energy, like a wand, but is also shaped to help me see energy flowing. I like it because it kind of looks like it does something, like a Star Trek prop.


Ceremonial and Healing Tools

I love seeing other people’s ritual tools and could look at photos of them on Pinterest all day. Please share yours! ❤

These are some of my favourites that I’ve made and use regularly. I like rattles and crystals and wands and other little mementos from nature 🙂

my tools

Power Objects


A power object holds your intention for you, since your mind can’t be intentionally focused for long periods of time while living out day-to-day activities. You can benefit from charging an object with your intention so it is always working for you. I feel it is best to connect with the object and give your intention to it very frequently so it works to its full potential. Doing this every day is a small addition to your routine that helps you strongly feel the object’s power.

All objects have spirit, so if you are working with, say, a crystal, you should first ask for permission to use it the way you want. This ensures that the crystal’s own set of intentions are aligned with yours. Trust your gut feelings and intuition on this. If you feel you receive permission then you can be assured that the spirit of the crystal is working with you to hold and amplify your intentions.

My recent favourite power object is this antler and spirit quartz I made with ribbon, chain and charms. I also sell interesting spiritual items on my Etsy.


Miniature Altars as Jewelry

Polymer clay is a great medium for making all sorts of things. I love to use it for jewelry, so I thought I’d try making tiny tiny pagan altars that can be worn as rings or pendants! If you like crafts and haven’t tried polymer clay, consider giving it a go.

This first piece is a ring with two tiny real crystals, and the rest is clay: a book, a feather, a leaf, candles, and a mortar and pestle.

20151113_151406 20151113_151420

This second piece is made to be a pendant. It’s a shelf with a real crystal and the rest in clay: feathers, an antler, a book, a candle, a goblet, a bird’s nest, a beehive with a tiny bee, and a calla lily.

20151113_153808 20151113_151511

Mini Altars

What spiritual person doesn’t love altars or sacred spaces? I love mini ones that you can place anywhere or bring with you in your travels! So I’ve been making some mini nature-scene altars. One features the four elements, and representing Air is always a challenge, so I did it with a tiny windmill that actually turns! I did the mechinism with eye pins so it’s actually pretty sturdy.

See them on Etsy.

fairyelements1 fairyelements2

This next one is an incense burner. I used tiny tiles made from real brick so you can burn cone incense safely, and put a hole on the tree stump, behind the frog, for stick incense. Both altars feature real crystals too.

fairyincense1 fairyincense3