Soul Retrieval

I’ve been so sick these last few days, throwing up constantly. In my world, illness is usually a spiritual/psychological thing. Naturally, if I think it is something that can be solved with medical help, I see the doctor. But like this particular illness, I can tell when something isn’t going to be solved effectively by science — like if it simply doesn’t have the right collection of symptoms of any virus or disease, or goes “off-and-on” in weird ways where I feel fine for a while, and then back to being sick.

My way of solving the problem is to look for lost parts of myself. This is in line with the shamanic idea of soul loss and soul retrieval. Because I believe I am a multiple, fractured into a myriad of soul-parts by childhood trauma, and that I dissociated the parts of myself that I split off, I am always in a “search and rescue” mode. When I find the lost part of myself and provide that part with healing and love, I feel better instantly. Most people won’t have as many lost parts as I do, but I think it’s safe to say that everyone has at least one part of their soul that has been cut off and lost.

Soul loss can cause all manner of physical and emotional symptoms in your life. So if you have something going on that you know in the bottom of your heart that science can’t solve, consider taking a spiritual route and get in touch with a shamanic practitioner. You can learn to do this yourself with some serious study, but at least have another person to help guide you (in my case, my partner Willow provides unbelievable guidance and wisdom).

I always say that science is only part of the story. Healing happens when you address the whole story, so even if you are on a regime of medicine, it is always good to add a spiritual element to your tool set. Things that seem like miracles CAN happen, as they have happened to me countless times.


One thought on “Soul Retrieval

  1. I too believe miracles can and do happen. The creating God of the universe chooses to break into our lives, upset the laws of nature and intervene in our behalf. He does this not only for our healing but for His glory to be shown for some purpose. Faith, fasting and prayer has a huge part in this. It might not be your faith, but another’s that brings it to pass. Consider this and your condition. Also remember that the same God has given the gift of healing knowledge to MD’s when necessary.

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