Inner Space

She shut her eyes to see
a universe within, stunned
at her own second coming
Here, she was the artful creator;
here, she reigned
by her own decrees:
she imagined joy, and thus was joyous
as a newborn god, enthralled
by making herself


My Survivor Story

I post this from time to time — it is my story. I am not my story, but I have overcome so much to get where I am, which is something worth honouring.

You, a Palimpsest

You author reality with metaphors

and verb to make a living

while the ghost writers circle

like carrion birds, waiting to rip

your soul from your flesh.

You, a palimpsest, have shed

covers, switched genres, crossed out

every adjective you used to be;

and I, your avid reader, await

your next page, enthralled

and close to tears, overlooking

your plotholes.

You, a Fractal

You pull yourself in, deliberately,
abruptly peaceful in your fate: being
a minuscule point of space, a short line through time.
You call it progress but I resist,
caressing the dials of my perceptions 
to watch you bloom
in all directions, infinitely, like a fractal-soul,
which is, after all, just a point, a line,
multiplied forever. Or
in other words, your full potential.

The Frankenpen! Calligraphy for Your Book of Shadows


Whether you want to spice up your journaling or make the most magical book of shadows you can, calligraphy is a fun way to go. It can be intimidating but if you love notebooks and pens, I would encourage you to give it a try.

I’ve found a way to combine an affordable fountain pen with the kind of high-end calligraphy that’s traditionally done by dipping nibs straight into ink. Dip pen calligraphy can be messy and definitely inconvenient, especially when you have to keep dipping after every few letters or words. Meanwhile, fountain pens are lovely but can lack some character. I have loved my Noodler’s Ink Ahab flex pen since I bought it, as it is a sort of happy medium between the two worlds. But look what happens when you put a dip-pen nib (The Brause #76 Rose nib) on the Ahab! The result is a “Frankenpen”, a pen that has been tinkered with to create a unique form and function.

I would definitely recommend this Frankenpen combination to anyone wanting to start out with calligraphy. It’s very affordable but might just be the best pen you’ll ever use.

Time Alone

Consciousness becomes

you. Given enough time, you know

all stones and bones defossilize,

enliven, and grow

again, again, again, spiriting

in cycles too vast for theories to vault.

You verb

to hide the fact you’re doing

time alone,

and there’s no escape

but to dream that eons entwine,

infinitely packed without a care

for paradox or spacetime. Here, you stroke

the everbefore-and-after

with your little hours; here, you reach

the gods of everything.