I’ve been doing really well these days and feeling happy. I found a book at the library by stroke of sheer luck, since our library is so small, which is all about Inuit culture in the people’s own words. There’s a whole chapter on shamanism. I love it so much that Willow ordered me a copy of my own as a present — it’s a real treat!

I’m learning a lot about Inuit shamanism, which reflects the typical beliefs of core shamanism, but is complex and fascinating in its own right. Respect for the land and the spirits and animals is the centre of everything.


2 thoughts on “Happy

  1. I think books have a habit of finding us when we most need them. Our local library is also small, but occasionally I come across wonderful books on the most specific of subjects I want to learn about. It makes me wonder who lives close by with similar interests to have ordered them in.

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