Needle Felted Baby Duck and DIY

Who doesn’t love baby ducks???





How do you needle felt? First of all, rest assured, it is easy! You can start with polyester batting/stuffing, or you can use all wool roving. Wool roving looks like this, and you’ll want lots of colours:


Next, you’ll need a couple needles. They’re special, with little barbs on them. See, with needle felting all you do is stab the wool repeatedly until it mats together into felt. You’re literally sculpting with fibres. Check out this explanation about the needles:

Just watch your fingers, they’re sharp. Now get a thick bit of high-density foam (I just use styrofoam) to work on, to protect yourself and surfaces of tables or whatever you’re working on. So you stab your wool or stuffing into the shape you want. It takes a while, but it’s so intuitive. If you make a mistake, you can fix it by adding more wool or stabbing it down more.

Then add the coloured details on top! Have fun!







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